Nadia Conners is a film/documentary writer and director, but she is mainly famous for being the wife of a famous Hollywood celebrity Walton Goggins.

Read the article below to know more about Nadia Conners, Walter Goggins, and everything between them.

Nadia Conners Age, Birthday, Zodiac

According to the various sources on the internet, Nadia Conners was born on 08 November 1969. Thus, it stands to reason to say that she was 50 years of age as of September 2020.

Having her birthday on 08 November, Nadia’s zodiac sign was Scorpio.

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Nadia Conners Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Nadia was born to American parents in Los Angeles, California. While LA was her hometown, she grew up all around the world. Her childhood was full of cross-cultural adventures from Egypt to Mexico to various European countries.

Talking about Nadia Conners’ parents, her mother was Sumaya Conners. There was no information regarding her father. But based on Nadia’s mother FB profile, he was most probably dead.

Again, it was not known how many siblings Nadia had. But there was some information about one particular sibling, a sister called Leila Conners. Leila most probably worked for a company focusing on carbon reduction.

According to, Nadia also had someone called James Conners in her family. There was another person called Gregory Davis, but it was not known if he was a family or just an acquaintance.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Nadia Conners was a quite short woman, standing at a height of just 5 ft 3 inches. And she had an average weight of around 53 kgs.

Among her distinct features include a cute, broad face, beautiful smile, long black hair that she kept straight.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Nadia’s presence in social media was limited to 2 major platforms. On her Instagram, which she had kept private, she had posted 493 posts. However, she had only 820 followers.

Similarly, she also had a Facebook account. On her Facebook account, Nadia had kept some information, like the number of her friends, hidden. While she had kept other information public such as she went to Harvard-Westlake School for her high school. And then she went to the American University of Paris, where she studied Philosophy and European Cultural Studies.

Nadia Conners Job, Net Worth, Movies & TV Shows

Talking her job titles, Nadia Conner is a writer and filmmaker. While she was at the American University of Paris, Nadia had developed a keen interest in documentary and film-making. After graduating from college, Nadia moved to Cairo to shoot her first documentary.

Then her film-making journey took her to New York to participate in a director’s workshop at New York University. After that, she returned to LA and started a company called Tree Media Group with her sister Leila Conners.

Her sister’s love for the environment and her love for documentary film-making prompted the sisters to make The 11th House, an environmental film. Leonardo Dicaprio narrated the film. (Valium)

The 11th Hour was Nadia’s greatest achievement as a filmmaker. Apart from The 11th Hour, Nadia had written and directed a few documentary shorts called This Is All of Us, Water Planet, and Global WarmingThis Is All of Us was also endorsed by Nadia’s friend Eric Avery.

As of yet, she had written a few narrative movies like Earthquake Weather and Against the Sun, Oceano, etc. She was also the writer of one of the episodes of a TV series called Tyrant.

Nadia had written many more things than were produced. According to Nadia, herself, about ninety percent of her work has never been made.

Thanks to her job as a filmmaker, Nadia Conners’ net worth, as of 2020, was $4 million.

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Nadia Conners & Walton Goggins: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Coming to her dating life, not much was known about Nadia Conners before she met Walton Goggins. It was also unknown when Nadia and Walton met and started dating. But it must be a few years after Walton’s first wife Leanne Kaun died by suicide in 2004.

The official record of Nadia and Walton’s life together started in 2011. In February of that year, Nadia gave birth to their first kid, a son named Agustus. Later that year, they married each other in a beautiful wedding ceremony in August. Their kid was the best man at their wedding.


Nadia Conner and her husband Walton Goggins celebrating Valentine’s day together circa February 2020 (PC: Walton’s IG)

Currently, Nadia, her husband, and their kid lived in Los Angeles, in a small happy family.

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