Captain Sandy Yawn of Below Deck Mediterranean needs no introduction. Fans of the show have watched her lead an entire team while also providing five-star service since Season 2.

Below, in the writing, we discuss everything about Sandy Yawn’s gospel singer girlfriend Leah Shafer.

So, tune in till the end as this Leah Shafer wiki unfolds!

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Leah Shafer And Captain Sandy Yawn: Dating, Married Yet?

Leah on her ‘Leah Rae Shafer’ Facebook writes — she is in a relationship with Sandy Yawn, the famous Yacht captain of Global Oceans Inc. and Captain Sandy Inc.

Clearly, they had been living together in Denver, Colorado.

The couple, with many similar interests, started dating in 2019 after getting to know each other on Facebook.

In an interview with CheatSheet, Sandy shared how Leah had sent her a “nice” message that said, “I came across your show, congratulations, many blessings.”

It was the ‘many blessings’ that caught Sandy’s eye.

Anyway, the two got pretty serious rather quickly, and Sandy moved to Denver to be with Leah.

Leah also shared her thoughts on meeting Sandy. She told Cheatsheet, “When you meet another soul that you connect with at such a deep level, it is unexplainable and so beautiful.”

That been said, they were still only dating and were not married as of July 2021.

Leah Shafer Husband

Leah Shafer was married to comedian, author, and leadership coach Ross Shafer for two decades.

The estranged pair now share a daughter Lauren Rae (Lolo) whom they adopted. The young one had turned 13 before 2021.

Talking to Cheatsheet, Leah has shared she left Ross to be true to herself. At the time, she thought it was not fair to him that she could not love him in a way he deserved.

Is Leah Shafer Appearing On AGT?

Leah Shafer auditioned for American Got Talent Season 16. But, on July 12, 2021, via Instagram, she revealed she “won’t be on.”

“I auditioned and MADE the judges cut. they said Yes!! Heidi Klum even stood up for me. Sofia cried:) I was soooo excited. Then BAM. The hard part was I actually made it and got put through.”

She shared how afterward many of the audience members had come up to her crying “for being so brave and coming out.”

Leah explained, how the never airing scene of hers on AGT included — her story about being a gospel singer.

From it, we learned, following her relationship with Captain Sandy Yawn (a woman) churches no longer welcomed her to sing on the platform the way they used to do before. Her music was pulled off radio stations and her physical CDs were shipped back to her home. She even received hate mail saying she was going to hell.

Besides, in the star-judges-studded show, she spoke about her dad, grandma, and aunt dying of COVID.

Having said it all about AGT, she signed up with:

“My heart was sad but God has another plan. I will keep singing and put God first and it wasn’t meant to be. It was a great experience. Simon was so kind and it’s all an experience of life.”

Leah Shafer Age

Leah Shafer reached the age of 47 in 2020. Her birthdate i.e. September 27, 1973, makes her a Libra.

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Her Family, Hometown

Leah Shafer was born and raised in her hometown of Torrance, in the South Bay (southwestern) region of Los Angeles County, California.

The family relocated to Hesperia, California when Leah was seven. And following college, Leah lived by herself in Orange County and Newport Beach. Currently (2021), she lived in Denver, Colorado.

She is the eldest child and only girl born to her parents Lee and Cheryl Dale. Her brothers are Matthew and Justin.

Leah’s dad, Lee Dale, died of COVID and other complications during the first wave of its pandemic.

On June 22, 2021, Leah took to her IG to write the family laid him to rest at a small country grave and church.

Leah mentioned how her dad was a humble, simple, God-loving family man and her mom lost her soul mate. They were married for 48 years.

Leah Shafer Height

Leah Shafer, who is now cancer-free, stands above the height of 5’7”.

Doctors had discovered precancerous cysts in her right breast area and had prescribed her to have a double mastectomy.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Until July 12, 2021, Leah Shafer had 19.3K followers on her Instagram @leahraeshafer.

Meanwhile, Leah’s account on Twitter @leahshafer1 did not exist at the moment.

Leah also held two Facebook accounts. One with @leahshaferofficial enjoyed 2,949 followers.

Then, the ‘Leah Rae Shafer’ YouTube channel is where Leah shares her musical journey.

Leah Shafer Net Worth

Leah Shafer had more than an estimated $1 million net worth (before June 2021).

She is a skincare business owner by day and a much-liked gospel singer by night.

Leah is the proud entrepreneur of the health and beauty brand Hydralounge for IV and skin. Other times, the professional singer is making music for her

With 6 albums and many tours, the “If I Didn’t Believe in Love” singer claims she has been in the entertainment business her entire life.

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