Jaquan Yulee, who was a star athlete at Marshall University, put a stop to his football career after a back injury. But, his death in a car accident put everyone to shock. Going by his tweets, he was a gentleman, an endeared son to his parents, and a kind brother to his siblings.

Tag along to look into the details on his family, his death, and other information.

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Jaquan Yulee Death, Accident

Former Marshall University football athlete Jaquan Yulee passed away in a tragic car accident. NCAAF Nation broke the news of his death on a tweet that wrote: “RIP Jaquan Yulee, this is heartbreaking, gone way too soon. I’ll always remember this tweet” pointing out Yulee’s old tweet.

Before his accident, Jaquan had written:

“It’s not about how big the school is or who went to the school before you no matter if it’s D1, D2 or D3 when you sign that letter to attend that University it’s either you gone eat or you gone starve just know if you a dawg them scouts coming to get you no matter where you at!”

As confirmed, Jaquan died on 13 July 2021. No official report on the condition of the driver at the time of his death was immediately released.

Jaquan Yulee Age

Jaquan Yulee had celebrated turning 24 years in July of 2021. His fans wished him on his socials on 9 July. This made him a Cancer by zodiac sign.

His Height

Jaquan Yulee stood tall at a height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters). Because of his well-built physique, he weighed 109 kilograms (242 lbs).

Jaquan Yulee Family: Parents, Siblings

Born to his parents Fred Yulee and Leslie Manley in the village of Holland, Jaquan Yulee was born as one of many kids to his mom and dad. He hailed from the hometown of Chesapeake, Virginia, the United States. His father, Fred previously worked as a truck driver in Bower Brothers Construction. But, starting from September of 2020. he founded Yulee 5 Hauling & Transporting LLC.

As for his mother, Leslie is very religious. As her FB bio states, “U ONLY LIVE ONCE SO LIVE IT TO DA BEST U CAN AND HELP ONE ANOTHER. HAVE A HEART AND LIVE IN HEAVEN.”

Jaquan was very close to his family members. However, like all families, his too couldn’t separate itself from the great tragedy. In February of 2018, he tweeted about his father losing his wife and his uncle having a stroke. He prayed and asked his fans to keep his family in their prayers as he was away from home.

There are no precise figures on the total siblings that he has. But, one of his siblings is his sister Deja Alexis Yulee. She attended King’s Fork High School. He also has a brother who goes by the name (@c.dayoungan). He graduated college as a class of 2021.

Regardless of all the pain they endured, they were always together. The Yulee family celebrated the New Year together in 2020 and shared a moment from that day on their socials.

His Instagram, Twitter

Just as much Jaquan enjoyed interacting in person, he was equally interactive in social media. His Instagram (@yulee2xdadon) had earned 12.2k followers as of mid-July 2021. He posted 82 times on the platform in total.

Jaquan was on Twitter where the platform garnered him, 6,662 followers. He made over 37.6k tweets on the platform. He was on Facebook with 3.2k friends and posted on the platform less than a day ago.

Another Facebook account of his earned 306 followers as of this writing.

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Jaquan Yulee Net Worth

Jaquan Yulee accumulated a total net worth of $100 thousand.

Before delving into Jaquan Yulee’s career, let’s take a look at his academic qualifications. He attended Indian River High School. He was recruited by J.C. Price. He was ranked as a member of ESPN 300.

Jaquan heard dealt with his share of adversity and naysayers. Nevertheless, he made it as a student-athlete. He faced academic challenges, including a hard-fought battle when his football coach and parents sought to have him advanced, allowing him to skip the eighth grade.

He received the advancement but received criticism that his grade would suffer and he won’t b able to play.

As a freshman, Jaquan was a starting linebacker and made his presence known on a Lakeland football team that was making serious noise in the Southeastern District.

By the end of high school, he received offers from many universities such as Alabama, Clemson, East Carolina, Florida, Florida State, Hampton, Michigan, Michigan State, Mississippi, Morgan State, North Carolina, N.C. State, Notre Dame, Old Dominion, Temple, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Wisconsin.

In 2015, Suffolk News-Herald wrote a piece on Jaquan. A staff reporter attended the live college announcement for five-star high school football recruit Jaquan Yulee, held at Indian River’s high school auditorium in Chesapeake. In panel was his father Fred Yulee, his grandmother, Janice Copeland.

Jaquan committed to the University of Alabama. But, he switched and attended Marshall University. He graduated from the university in 2021. In freshman season, he played 13 games, made 15 tackles, including one tackle for a loss, and combined on a sack. He became the only freshman in Conference USA to force at least two fumbles

During his Sophomore year, he played 13 games. Yulee’s hit against N.C. State University caused a fumble that was scooped up by Artis Johnson and returned 22 yards for a special teams touchdown. The hit won Yulee a HERDSPYS award for Football Play of the Year.

But his collegiate career halted when he suffered a serious injury and didn’t play in junior year. He underwent surgery to recover from the mishap.

Apart from his football career, Jaquan also owns a clothing line named Lonely Angels. He promoted the new merch on his FB and Instagram. Before his death, he worked in a warehouse and wrote a FB status about the condition of his workplace: “It’s so hot in this warehouse, man I’m ready to quit and I just go home bro 🤒

Jaquan Yulee Wife, Girlfriend

Jaquan Yulee was a family man at heart and wrote a few tweets for his future wife. In May 2014, he tweeted: “One day you will be my wife and I will be with you till the very end.” He also wrote: “my future wife gone be set in the future I put that on everything.” In 2017 Jaquan again wrote: “I need me a Lil baby gone listen then be my girlfriend & then be my wife so I hope she doesn’t fail this mission”

Similar to that, in July of 2013, the MU athlete also wrote: “One loyal girlfriend is worth more than one hundred hoes.” This suggested he was never playing around type. In August of 2015, he announced: “I’m looking for a girlfriend.”

In November the same year, Jaquan again wrote: “ain’t had a girlfriend in a min proud of myself” He also demonstrated his aggressive dies on another Tweet in September of 2019 while replying to a tweet. He wrote: “Having a fine girlfriend is cool w me because I know how to fight!”   

While Jaquan’s FB wrote he was interested in women, his relationship status wasn’t given. So, basically, Jaquan never had any girlfriend and baby mamas who earned public attention.

Did Jaquan Yulee Leave Behind Any Kids?

No, Jaquan Yulee didn’t have any kids to left behind after his death.

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