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Jay Paul Molinere was one tough reality personality whose appearance in History Channel’s “Swamp People” put him in the limelight of stardom.

Along with his father RJ, the duo made living tough for the gators, snakes, and other wildlife dwellings in the swamps.

But, it was just a small highlight of the man’s capability. Know more about Jay’s life, career, and more from the article below.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Social Media

Jay Paul Molinere celebrates his birthday on 20 August every year and comes from the state of Louisiana.

He turned 31 years old at the end of 2019 and boasts a social media following of 54.2K followers on Twitter.

The Swamp People star often addresses his fans through his Twitter and provides them with insights into things happening in his life.

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Jay Paul Molinere Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Jay Paul Molinere grew up with his parents: RJ & Stacey Molinere in the state of Lousiana. He did not interact much with his siblings, but spent a lot of time with his father, RJ, in the swamps.

His father, RJ was a tough man who also grew up watching his family hunt gators and snakes in the swamps. Seeing them go to work, he learned the art of hunting from his mother (Jay’s grandmother) in 1979.

Later, Jay was widely recognized for being one of the best gator hunters in the whole of Lousiana and passed down his learnings to Jay as well.

Jay-Paul-Molinere-Wiki-Wife-Net Worth-Parents-Height

Jay Paul Molinere with his father in 2019 (Pic: RJ Molinere’s Instagram)

From then onward the father-son duo joined forces together in “Swamp People” and made both fame and fortune for themselves.

Not only that, but Jay was also very good at boxing and trained with his uncle, Elsie from a very small age. He wanted to pursue a career in boxing professional but was met with an accident that made him think otherwise.

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Jay Paul Molinere Net Worth, Salary, Swamp People

Jay Paul Molinere was an integral part of History Channel’s “Swamp People” which aired for the first time in 2010.

Though he was part of the show only from the 8 seasons, Jay was quick to make a name for himself. Along with his father, the two stacked up a decent net worth for each other.

Apart from that, Jay was an MMA fighter who won the Golden Gloves Boxing Championship twice pulse some regional boxing championships.

Jay wanted to continue as a professional fighter, but an accident put him in a coma for three days and nearly took away his voice. Under such circumstances, he decided to stop boxing and focused on other stuff.

Having said that, from all his other involvement in the TV show and fighting, Jay Paul Maolinere accumulated a net worth of about $2 million.

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Jay Paul Molinere Height, Weight, MMA

Talking about Jay Paul Maolinere’s physical appearance, he is a well-built guy with a height of 6 feet and a weight of 81kgs.

He was a state-level boxing champion who also participated in the MMA which is why he keeps himself healthy and git.

In 2019, he hinted to return to boxing but did not confirm exactly when.

Jay Paul Molinere Wife, Married, Kids

Jay Paul Molinere achieved so much in his early career that he was certainly under the radar of many girls.

However, many girls got heartbroken when they came to know Jay was married to his long-time girlfriend Ashleigh Price Molinere.

The two did not officially get married in a big ceremony with friends and family in attendance, but they formed a long-lasting bond which was completed five years in 2019.

Also from their relationship, Jay and wife Ashleigh had two kids: the first being a son Jayden Molinere born in 2009, and second, a daughter Aniyah Nicole Molinere born in 2013.

Now (As of 2020), the family of four were happy together and lived a lavish life together.

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