Amidst the “grooming” allegations and scandals that numerous celebrities came under, it was now Pyrocynical’s turn.

Just around Christmas 2020, the U.K.based YouTuber Pyrocynical was accused of having improper sexual conversations with a 15-year-old. And though Pyrocynical responded to the matter writing, “this accusation is 100 percent false and incredibly irresponsible,” fans weren’t “100 percent” convinced about his innocence.

So, what was the case all about? Did Pyrocynical had a girlfriend or a wife then? Stay till the end to learn everything about him. 

Pyrocynical Grooming Allegations

It was October 29, 2020, when an anonymous Twitter account named Ivory Rasmus posted multiple tweets accusing Pyrocynical of his grooming behavior. The account wrote, 

“What he sent ranged from drawn NSFW to fetishy YouTube videos, and he’d ask me to compile s**t for him using tags that he liked on certain websites. At 15, I obviously did it, he’s f**king [P]yrocynical. I was just happy to be talking to him, and I was trying to continue that.”

Also, Ivory shared that there were screenshots to prove it. However, the screenshots showed Pyrocynical’s account as “Deleted User.”

Pyrocynical, in response, denied the allegations. But at the same time, he also confessed that he took part in those conversations and it was careless of him not to consider who was behind the “role-play/art sharing.” He added,

“He never once disclosed the fact that he was 15 at the time these exchanges commenced. He didn’t include his age in his bio until he was 16 but I was not on Twitter between 28th December 2016 until 29th June 2017, as I was suspended.”

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Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Pyrocynical was born on May 14, 1997. That made him 23 years of age in 2020.

As per his birthday, Pyrocynical is of Taurus zodiac.

Pyrocynical Wiki — Real Name, Parents, Siblings

With the real name “Niall Comas”, Pyrocynical was born to British parents in England. He didn’t share much about his family. Thus, his siblings remained anonymous as well.

Trivia: Pyrocynical often joked that his father was in prison.

Pyrocynical first came to the limelight with his “mlg teletubbies” video that he uploaded on his Youtube channel. It had over 14 million views as of 2020. But he mostly built-up his fanbase by posting montage parody videos and gameplay content.

Pyrocynical Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Pyrocynical stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (177.8 cm) and weighs under 68 kg (150 lbs).

Mentioning his distinct features, Pyrocynical is a handsome person with a small upper lip. Also, the most noticeable thing about him would be his hair that he often liked to color white-ish. Naturally, he has brown eyes and hair color.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Twitch, Twitter

As of Dec 2020, Pyrocynical flaunted 927K followers over Instagram and his Twitter account was suspended.

Find him on Twitter with 38.8K followers and Youtube with 4.37M subscribers.

Also, Pyrocynical loved memes and had his Reddit and tumbler followers.

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Pyrocynical Net Worth, YouTube Empire, Merch

Pyrocynical’s net worth was over $2 million in 2020.

His monthly earning was estimated to be $2.7K – $42.9K from his Youtube account. Also, he had around 2.5M average views per week on his channel.

Apart from this, Pyrocynical also sold his merch on over “”. His mech features T-shirts and Hoodies that range anywhere from £10 to £49.

Pyrocynical has collaborated with other YouTubers like NFKRZ, Bamanboi, Memeulous, WillNE, ImAllexx, Jameskii, Squizzy, Dolan Dark, and many more. And did u know about the feud between Keemstar and Pyrocynical? They were in an everlasting feud since April 2016 and seriously hated each other.

Pyrocynical Wife, Girlfriend, Gender

With all the controversy Pyrocynical was at the end of 2020, it must have surely affected his love life. Though this brings up to question, who was Pyrocynical dating.

His last known girlfriend then was the Swedish artist Daflummify. They were in a relationship during 2019 and have remained silent for quite some time now. However, taking a look at Daflummify’s IG, we could often see Pyrocynical over her pictures.

Before Daflummify, Pyrocynical dated a Korean-Australian woman named Hyojin Choi, a.k.a “squizzy” for almost 2 years (2016 – 2018). Rumors had that Hyojin cheated on Daflummify with Dolan Dark, and they officially announced their split on April 19, 2019.

Though Pyrocynical’s past girlfriends might be the proof of him being straight, some believed that he is a lesbian. There were a few subreddits the discussed Pyrocynical’s gender and with the arguments there, it’s almost convincing that he might be lesbian.

The most commonly used pronouns to address Pyrocynical were “He/His/Him”.

As of 2020, it didn’t seem like Pyrocynical had a wife.

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