Brennan Clost landing a spot in the cast of Netflix’s newest offering Tiny Pretty Things was far from his first on-screen appearance. The actor had appeared in several movies and TV shows and earned prominence from all.

However, Brennan’s dating status and sexuality have been a matter of concern to many of his fans. Most believe he is in a relationship with the one Brittany Raymond.

Let’s explore a few details before getting into his relationship!

How Old Is He?

Brennan Clost celebrates his birthday every year on 20 October. He turned 26 years old while celebrating his birthday in 2020.

Moreover, Brennan owned Libra as his zodiac sign.

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Brennan Clost Family Background

Brennan Clost was born to parents; his father Scott Clost and his mother Robin Clost in his hometown of Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

More on his parents, his father worked as field service for GE Healthcare back in Burlington.

As for his mother, Robin worked as an elementary school teacher serving in Halton District School Board in Ontario, Canada. Robin always took Brennan to book shopping and they also used to get Starbucks together which, after moving to the US from Canada, always reminded him of him and gave him feels of being at the home.

Moreover, Brennan grew up with his brother Trevor Clost. He attended and graduated from Queen’s University majoring in commerce with a 3.80 GPA. While in college, he was a member of Queen’s Men’s Varsity Lacrosse Team.

Following graduation, Brennan went on to work in Summer Company Program, Right To Play, Top Hat, and joined Cisco as an associate sales representative in July of 2020.

How Tall Is He?

Based on the resume of Brennan Clost, he elevates at the height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters). Whereas, he weighed about 65 kilograms (145 lbs) as listed on the said resume which changed by a couple of pounds.

But most of all, girls find him attractive because of his good looks. His slim and fit body with abs visible along with his good looks and hair made him a heartthrob among the up and coming actors.

His Social Media Reach

Moving on, Brennan Clost is popular on Instagram with 170k followers in total and growing. In the same way, his Twitter account garnered him 15.5k followers in total where he tweeted 3362 times as of this writing.

Likewise, Brennan’s popularity is also equally evident on Facebook. The page earned him 17,570 followers in total as of this writing.

And it might come as a surprise to many but Brennan also has a TikTok account with 219.2k followers in total where he earned 7 million likes for his TikToks.

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Brennan Clost Net Worth, Dance Background

Brennan Clost fell in love with dancing at an early age. However, it wasn’t easy for him to master the craft he was very good at.

The Netflix star had joined a competitive dance studio during his high school years. But even then, he had a tight schedule and had no social life at all.

Based on his interview with NYLON, every day he woke up at 6:00 AM and did his homework for an hour, and went to school. He used to complete the rest of his homework at lunch and after finishing school at 3:30 his parents drove him off to the dance studio.

Brennan practiced dance until 11:00 PM, return home, do his homework, fall asleep and do it all over again.

But tougher times came knocking on his doorstep when the prestigious Julliard school took him in. As mentioned in the NYLON interview, he became so much oversaturated that ended up quitting dance for almost a year and a half.

What started for Brennan as a hobby and an escape, turned into a job and career. His style is tossed up between contemporary and jazz but also learned other forms of dances.

Brennan has also performed in Toronto Children’s Festival, King of The Champ, the Annual Mary Kay Cosmetic Gala, TSN Sports Celebrity Gala, and Canada’s Got Talent.

The actor also appeared on movies and TV shows such as The Swing of Things, Graped, Spiral, The Next Step, Tiny Pretty Things, and a few notable others.

Brennan also tried at Springboard Dance Montreal, Joanne Chapman School of Dance, and National Ballet School of Dance.

Meanwhile, Brennan’s estimated net worth is about $150 thousand in total.

Is Brennan Clost Gay?

All because of his attitude, movements, and gestures, most who knew Brennan Clost assumed him to be a gay individual. However, he hadn’t addressed any queries regarding his sexuality as of this writing.

While half of the fans believe that he is gay, the other half believes that he isn’t and matter of fact is in a relationship with his girlfriend.

Brennan Clost And Brittany Raymond Dating, Girlfriend

Brennan Clost appeared cozy with a few girls including Casimere Jollette, Keara Grave, and a few others.

Unfolding details on Casimere and Brennan, they frequently appeared on each other’s Instagram. The intimate relationship which they shared led to the public belief that Brennan Clost was dating Casimere Jollette.

However, in one of the posts, Brennan Clost made it clear that he and Casimere are just best friends and that’s it.

In 2019, Brennan starred on the YouTube channel of Keara Graves. He appeared on a video titled WHO WEARS THE PANTS IN OUR RELATIONSHIPS? // ft. Brennan Clost. 

The click-bait for a title alone made people believe that he was dating Keara. But by the end of the video, everyone reached the same conclusion that they weren’t.

But, Brennan though not publicly shared, does seem to be in a relationship with Brittany Raymond. They appear on each other’s social media and many announced them to be a boyfriend and girlfriend.

Heck, an Instagram account was created about the two being a couple. But going by Brittany’s Instagram that too appeared wrong as she was dating a guy named Benjamin Dunlop.

So, Brennan Clost and Brittany Raymond weren’t dating and the former didn’t seem to have a girlfriend in 2020.

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