Almost a year later, all the hard work and sweat, and tears that Philonise Floyd put in to provide justice to his brother, George finally paid off. Former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty in the killing of George Floyd and his brother had a message to share with the world.

Philonise once again grabbed the attention of people all over the world. Scroll down to learn more about George Floyd’s brother with the help of this Philonise Floyd Wikipedia.

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Philonise Floyd Age

People nationally and internationally knew the name Philonise in 2020 when his beloved brother passed away to police brutality. At the time, he was 38 years old. But on 20 June the same year, Philonise Floyd turned 39 years old while the world was in chaos past George’s murder.

Based on that, Philonise owned Gemini as his zodiac sign.

His Relationship With George Floyd

Philonise Floyd, along with George Floyd and the other three, was born to George Perry Floyd and Larcenia Floyd. The fact was, Philonise was the younger brother to Fayetteville’s resident Geroge Floyd.

Along with Philonise, the other three siblings stood beside him to fight for the justice their brother deserved. All of the Floyd siblings moved to Cuney Homes, a Houston-based public housing with their mother after their parents separated.

Sadly, their mother, Larcenia passed away in 2018 in Texas. While she was alive, she made her kids were well-fed and well educated. Larcenia voiced the grievance of the resident in the housing and even earned the respect of many as a leader.

Before all of that, Larcenia also worked at a burger stand. It was Larcenia who inspired the Time magazine’s cover. Speaking on behalf of his family, Philonise explained,

“I’m tired of the pain. … I’m here today to ask you to make it stop. Stop the pain. Stop us from being tired.”

Philonise Floyd Job

George Floyd changed the lives of everyone who was related to him after his death. Before the passing away of George, everyone lived a normal course of life, unbothered. Philonise Floyd worked at a club and also was a driver. And day in day out, sitting inside the truck, the life behind the wheel was the only life that he knew of.

But little did he knew all of that was about to change for the entirety. After Geroge’s passing away on 25 May 2020, Philonise and his siblings started seeking justice for their brother. A realization hit him that Philonise wanted to be more than a driver and started gathering support for the injustice that his brother endured.

Philonise raised his voice wherever he could for the justice his brother deserved. He spoke to UN Human Right Council where she said,

“I am my brother’s keeper. You in the United Nations are your brothers’ and sisters’ keepers in America, and you have the power to help us get justice for my brother George Floyd.”

Before that, the Texas native also headlined 10 June hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, a day after his brother’s funeral. He walked into the US Capitol with a message. He pleaded for justice with sorrowful voice — “I’m tired. I’m tired of the pain. The pain you feel when you watch something like that. When you watch your big brother who you looked up to your whole life die, die begging for his mom I’m here to ask you to make it stop.”

Philonise also created a GoFundMe page dedicated to his brother that raised over $6.5 million within four days. The fund was used to cover all of the funeral and burial expenses, grief counseling and lodging, and travel for all court proceedings.

He also founded PAKFISC short for Philonise & Keeta Floyd Institute for Social Change. The institute was founded with key principals to advocate for all children, young adults, and families nationwide by working to eliminate the daily impacts of police brutality. The organization worked alongside city and state government officials.

Philonise Floyd Net Worth

Philonise Floyd’s net worth remains a mystery as of April of 2021, at the time of this writing. But he was evaluated to have a fortune under $300 thousand.

His Height

Philonise Floyd did remind people of his late brother based on his physical attributes. Only 3 inches taller than George who was 6′ 6″, Phil towered at a height of 6 feet 9 inches. With a physical build that could make him an athlete of the sort, he preferred not to pursue a career in sports.

His Instagram, Facebook

Social media did play a vital role in reaching the heinous brutality police authority displayed while George Floyd was taking the last of his breaths. The video was widely shared on social media which gave a clear picture of George’s situation when he was detained before he lost his life.

After that, Philonise felt the need to raise his voice on social media to fight for justice for his brother. Almost 2950 people followed him on Instagram where he advocated for a change in the matter of social injustice.

In the same way, as of April 2021, his Twitter account garnered 526 followers. He also has a Facebook profile but hasn’t posted anything for a very long time.

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Philonise Floyd Education

Among the information that is yet to be known about Philonise Floyd, his education is on top of the list. His ability to articulate words that touched the heart of everyone reminded people that he must’ve attended high school at least if not the college.

No information on Philonise’s academic background has been shared on his social media.

Philonise Floyd Wife

Reportedly, Philonise Floyd is off the dating market as he lived happily in Houston, Texas with his wife and kids. He tied knots with the one Charlie Floyd. As his Instagram suggested, he married Charlie in 2014.

On 30 June 2014, Philonise posted on Instagram a snap from the day he got married. He posed in a white suit surrounded by family and friends. His wife, Charlie dressed in a beautiful wedding gown and held a beautiful bouquet in her hands. He captioned the post,

“Happiness brings joy”

Five years after the marriage, Philonise updated about his married life. He shared the words filled with joy in an Instagram post where he wrote,


To which Charlie replied on the comment section, where she wrote,

“Love you so much Stink 🥰❤️💋”

Geroge was a father to his two kids probably from a previous relationship. On 19 May 2014, he posted a picture of his stepdaughter.

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