Did you know that Kenan was airing on NBC? The longest cast member of SNL Kenan Thompson has finally got his own show called (unsurprisingly) Kenan. We are excited about the new show and so this article is dedicated to one of the cast members, Kimrie Lewis.

Read the article below to know more about Kimrie Lewis, interesting wikis, and the role she played on Kenan.

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How Old Is She?

How Old Is Kimrie Lewis? 39 years old as of April 2021. She was born on 16 March 1982. And she celebrated her 39th birthday in 2021. Furthermore, her zodiac sign was Pisces.

Kimrie Lewis Parents

Kimrie Lewis was born as Kimrie Denise Lewis to parents: Carol Lewis and William Lewis. Her mother, Carol was a news executive producer, and her father, William was a sound engineer and cameraman. She grew up close to the show business.

Kimrie also had a brother called William Lewis in the family. Her brother was really supportive of her job and career. Once he even changed the schedule of his flight to watch Kimrie’s debut in one of her TV shows.

Interestingly, Kimrie was a great-niece of Charles Mingus, the legendary Jazz bassist who worked with other legends of the Jazz era like Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, Dannie Richmond, etc.

For her education, she went to the New York University Tisch School of Arts. She graduated with a BA degree in theatre.

Kimrie Lewis Height

Talking about her physical features, Kimrie Lewis stands at a height of 5 ft 7 inches and weighs about 57 kgs. Furthermore, her figures were 34-25-36 inches.

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Her Social Media Reach

As of April 2021, Kimrie Lewis had a decent following on social media. On Instagram, she had 20k followers. Similarly, on Twitter, she had 6.3k followers. Meanwhile, on her Facebook page, she had 6.9k followers.

Kimrie Lewis Net Worth

By 2021, Kimrie had accumulated a net worth of about $1 million.

As we have already said, Kimrie Lewis is an actress who rose to fame with her appearance in Kenan in 2021. However, even before Kenan, she had had a long career. In fact, she made her acting debut back in 2004 with a movie called Not Just Yet.

In over 16 years of her acting career, her most well-known performances were in TV shows like Scandal (2013-2017), Single Parents (2018-2020), Chasing Life (2015), and movies like Peeples (2013).

Kimrie had also guest appeared in famous sitcoms like 2 Broke Girls, The Mindy Project, New Girl, Half and Half, etc. She had also appeared on several commercials, including the famous one for McDonald’s.

In 2021, Kimrie appeared on the new NBC sitcom called Kenan. Kenan is about a widowed father played by Kenan Thompson (a long-running member of the SNL cast), his two daughters, and his father-in-law.

Kimrie played the role of Mika Caldwell, Kenan’s colleague, and close friend. There was great chemistry between Kenan and Kimrie, enough to make fans speculate about the potential relationship between them in the show.

However, in the show, Kenan was a married man, although his wife had died.

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Kimrie Lewis Fiance, Boyfriend, Hans Vancol

On 16 February 2021, Kimrie Lewis posted a photo of her wearing a ring on her Instagram, confirming that she was engaged. Who was her boyfriend turned fiance then? Well, a little research revealed his name was Hans Vancol.

Hans Vancol is a business person and manager living in Los Angeles, California. He went to Loyola High School and then later to the University of Southern California and graduated with a BA degree in Interactive Entertainment.

Hans Vancol had a brief experience working as a project manager, producer, VP producer, etc. As of 2021, he is the COO of Grab Games. Hans is a man who preferred his anonymity and distance from the limelight. Most of the social media accounts were kept private. He had his Twitter public, and most of its Tweets were about Boxing.

Apart from that, we do not know much about Kimrie’s alleged boyfriend (now fiance), Hans. We do not know when they started dating. The couple never really appears together in open. There were not even pictures of each other on either’s social media.

If Kimrie had not uploaded the picture of her engagement ring on Instagram and tagged Hans Vancol in the post, we would not have even known that she was dating. We would have known that she was once married but nothing more about her romantic life.

Who Is Kimrie Lewis Ex-Husband, Eli Davis?

Now that we have mentioned her first marriage, before meeting Hans and falling in love with him, Kimrie was in love with her now-ex, Eli Davis, another businessperson from California, US. Eli was the founder and CEO of Special Brand, Inc.

While we do not exactly know when Kimrie and Eli got married and when they got divorced, we do know something about their relationship. Kimrie was much more open about her ex-husband than she has been about Hans.

Kimrie and Eli had been married at least since 2009. It could be way before that but not after. And they had not divorced until at least 2014.

As of yet, Kimrie did not seem to have any kids, either from her ex-husband or from her current boyfriend, except the on-screen child she had in Single Parents. Actually, she shared a lovely bond with the actor who played her son: Devin Trey Campbell.

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