Actress Frances Turner is best known for her starring role in the fourth and final season of the highly acclaimed series The Man in the High Castle.

Now (2021) as she takes on a new job on the third season of the NBC medical drama series New Amsterdam, here’s everything you need to know about Frances who cites Viola Davis and Regina King as two of her all-time favorites.

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Frances Turner Age, Birthday

Frances Turner celebrated her birthday on Nov. 18, 2020, as she turned 45 years of age.

Frances Turner Parents, Siblings

Frances Turner has only two siblings. It is in fact her mother’s eleven siblings who resulted in their extended family.

Both her siblings are sisters; named Nicol Lee and Tene Turner. Tene is a year older than Frances while Nicol is a good seven years her senior.

Frances was born and raised in New Rochelle, New York. Her parents gave her and her siblings a very memorable upbringing. After We Fell and After Ever Happy actress candidly credits her parents for laying the foundation for her accomplishments. They were married for 48 years until unfortunately, Frances’s father passed away in 2017.

Her mother, Eleanor (Fyall) Turner, who worked as a middle school teacher made her intellectually curious. Eleanor used to teach students with disabilities in the public school district in New Rochelle.

Meanwhile, her deceased father (Francis L. Turner), entrepreneur, and Howard and Columbia Law school graduate, instilled in her strong beliefs about the progress of Black people. Growing up, Frances was exposed to “many African American greats” because of how cultured her parents were and the neighborhood they grew up in. Their neighbors comprised of prominent “Black role models” such as the late African American playwright William B Branch.

Besides, her dad lived and breathed architecture as long as he was able to do the work. It was from his Master Builder father that Frances’s dad learned the craft. Francis was one of the earliest Black architects in New York. He also did a lot of work in Harlem.

Not to miss, Frances’s paternal great grandfather was Frederick Jackson Turner, the American historian during the early 20th century, primarily known for his anti-Indigenous “Frontier Thesis”. He educated many PhDs who grew to be renowned historians.

Her Height, Weight

Easily 5’7” tall in height, Frances Turner was lately reported with under 55 kg.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Frances could be seen only on Instagram at the time of this writing. On it, she had not more than 3.415K followers.

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Frances Turner Net Worth

Frances Turner with guest appearances in Quantico, Blue Bloods, Time After Time, Lethal Weapon, and Powerless, earned $1 million net worth in 2021.

Had it not been for acting, Frances would have kept up with her lucrative law career. Originally, she thought she would tailgate in her father’s footsteps and do a technical career. She left her job at renowned Cravath Swaine to become an actress.

Frances did her BS in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University. Later, she got her Doctor of Law from Georgetown University Law Center.

About Frances Turner Role On “New Amsterdam”

Frances Turner plays Dr. Lyn Malvo, the new Chair of the OB department in the third season of the American medical drama series, New Amsterdam. The season premiered on March 2, 2021, shows Malvo having a “complicated” friendship with Dr. Reynolds (portrayed by actor Jocko Sims).

Viewers first witnessed Frances on April 20, 2021, in an episode entitled “Catch.” But this is not the only time she is on the show. Her character has been promised as the show’s recurring.

Frances Turner Husband, Boyfriend

Frances Turner, who found her passion after 18-months into acting classes, seems not as decisive when it comes to choosing a husband. Or, in case she has already done it, the world remains uninformed about it.

Dating life and rumored boyfriends of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star is simply a mystery to everyone else but her.

People naturally have been curious about her husband and married life after she played Paula Turner on FOX’s The Gifted. Viewers saw her happily married to Coby Scott Bell’s character Jace Turner, together with a daughter. This left people wondering if she was as happy in love with her husband in real life.

Anyway, the chemistry Frances shared with Coby is only confined to onscreen. In the real world, Coby (known as Jesse Porter on Burn Notice) is married to Aviss Pinkney with four children: Serrae, Jaena, Quinn, and Eli.

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