Netflix is back with the second season of Too Hot To Handle, where 10 horny young dudes and dudesses spend four weeks together without having sex, or any indecent intimacy. And one of the dudes of the new season of the show is Peter Vigilante.

Read everything you need to know about him in this Peter Vigilante wiki. And read about his girlfriend(s) and parents. Read about his job and social media influence. Also, discover his height, net worth, etc.

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Peter Vigilante On Too Hot To Handle

Among the 10 participants for the second season of Too Hot To Handle, Peter was one. Peter’s other co-stars are Cam Holmes, 24, from Wales; Carly Lawrence, 24, from Toronto; Chase De Moor, 24, from Arizona; Emily Fayemiller, 27, from London; Kayla Jean, 26, from Florida; Larissa Trownson, 28, from New Zealand; Marvin Anthony, 26, from Paris; Melinda Melrose, 28, from New York; and Nathan Webb, 27, from Texas.

The season is going to premiere on 23 June 2021 on Netflix. So far, there have been no leaks about Peter’s journey in the how and how much fun and trouble he gets himself into. In his contestant description, it was mentioned that Peter’s “family close to his heart, and he prides himself on his close relationship with his mother.”

His Age, Birthday

Peter Vigilante was also the youngest participant in the show. He was born on 6 September 1999 and as of June 2021, he was only 21 years of age. And because he celebrated his birthday every year on the 6th of September, his zodiac sign was Virgo.

Peter Vigilante Parents, Siblings

We have already mentioned that Peter Vigilante has a close relationship with his family, especially his mother. Apparently, his mother is his “No. 1 woman in his life”. His parents are Anthony and Louise Vigilante of Staten Island, New York. We do not know much about his parents. Apart from his parents, Peter also has a lot of siblings in the family.

He has four brothers Anthony Vigilante, Michael Vigilante, Salvatore Vigilante, and Joseph Vigilante, and two sisters Gianni Vigilante and Michele Franchini. Among his siblings, Michael reportedly passed away. He died in May 2005.

Peter’s older siblings are already married and have children of their own.

Peter Vigilante Height

Peter Vigilante stands at a height of 5 ft 11 inches. Apart from his tall height, Peter is a handsome man in every other physical aspect as well. He has long dark hair and blue eyes. He flaunts a very well-toned body with strong abs.

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His Social Media Reach

As of 2021, Peter was massive on social media. Even before he gained fame from Too Hot To Handle, Peter was a huge social media celebrity. He was especially huge on Instagram and Tiktok.

On Instagram, where most of the 125 posts were him showing his ripped body and one post about him attending the Logic concert, he had over 83.3k followers. Similarly, on 11 May 2021, Peter also reached 2 million subscribers on his Tiktok channel. There was a Vigilante family TikTok channel with 4.2k followers.

Apart from the two big platforms, Peter also enjoyed a decent following on Twitter, i.e. 14.9k. He also had his own Youtube channel with 2.44k subscribers.

Peter Vigilante Net Worth, Job

By 2021, Peter Vigilatne had amassed a net worth of only $100 thousand.

Peter’s job, before Too Hot To Handle, was basically of a social media celebrity. But he is also a personal trainer in his hometown of Staten Island, New York. According to our sources, the average personal trainer in New York makes about $29 every hour. Peter is young but at the same time jacked himself. So, he must be earning around that mark from his job as a personal trainer.

Peter also had a cameo profile. There were 4 5-star reviews and there were 82 members in his fan club. But he was not using cameo calls as of June 2021. Moreover, Peter also had an OnlyFans account, where the cost of his monthly subscription was only $30.

Peter Vigilante Girlfriend

As of June 2021, we do not know anything about any of his girlfriend(s). For someone, who is as active as Peter Vigilante is on social media, he has kept his dating life, if he has any, a secret. Of course, right now, Peter looks pretty much looks single but there were no suggestions of any previous girlfriends either.

Interestingly, Peter has mentioned that he gets at least 200 DMs from his fans on social media.

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