TLC premiered a new reality series titled “You, Me & My Ex” in June 2021. Caroline Martin starred in the show alongside her boyfriend and his ex.

This Caroline Martin Wiki delves into the TLC starlet’s age, job, and height. Moreover, it highlights her Instagram, family, and relationship with Alex.

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[You, Me & My Ex] Caroline Martin Age

Caroline Martin, the “You, Me & My Ex” sensation, seems a lot younger than Alex and Stephen. Therefore, she was probably under the age of 30 in 2021.

While Alex celebrates his birthday on 8th April, fans appear clueless about Caroline’s. However, based on this IG post, she must be born on 17th January.

[You, Me & My Ex] Caroline Martin Family

Often one’s Instagram is a window into his/her family life. Sadly, Caroline Martin hasn’t shared photos of her parents and siblings on the platform.

Nevertheless, as seen on her boyfriend’s IG, Caroline seemed close to Alex’s family. She appeared relatively comfortable with his future in-laws and friends.

Her Height, Weight

Caroline probably weighed above 65 kilograms when she appeared on “You, Me & My Ex”.

As for height, Caroline can’t be an inch shorter than 5’6”. What’s more, she possesses a curvy body.

Her Instagram, TikTok

Until 19th June 2021, the “You, Me & My Ex” star Caroline Martins had uploaded 8 posts on her Instagram @carolineintheecity.

Meanwhile, Caroline may or may not have been on TikTok.

Caroline Martins Job

When “You, Me & My Ex” premiered in June 2021, not a single publication had highlighted Caroline’s job.

However, judging by the vacation she and Alex took in Feb 2021, they both must hold high-paying employments.

As a reality star appearing on a TLC show, Caroline can make around $1,000 an episode.

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[You, Me & My Ex] Caroline Martin, Alex Hines, Stephen Fischer

While “You” and “Me” in the “You, Me & My Ex” are Caroline Martin and Alex Hines respectively, the “My Ex” is Stephen Fischer.

Alex met Caroline at work. After they became friends, Caroline began advising Alex on his relationship with Stephen.

Because of Stephen’s constant cheating, Alex broke up with him and began dating Caroline. Despite the breakup, Alex and Stephen remain on good terms. Admittedly, they talked every day.

In a confessional, Caroline told PEOPLE Magazine— “It’s so weird to go from, like, literally him talking about Steve, his ex, and wanting relationship advice to all the sudden it being kind of the opposite of, ‘Well, no, you’re with me. Why are we still talking about Steve?'”

Opening up about his insecurities during the show, Caroline shared— “At the beginning, I think there were still some insecurities within myself. It’s draining, the feeling of are you suddenly going to wake up and decide, ‘You know what, actually I really just don’t like vagina anymore.'”

How Long Caroline Martin And Alex Hines Have Been Together?

By January 2021, Caroline and Alex had been dating for 2 years. Celebrating the occasion, Alex took to IG and wrote— “No, I’m not lucky I’m blessed. I love just laying next to you as you sleep. I love waking up next to you. I love your smile and high pitch “hi cutie” every time I see you. I love how patient you are with me and how proud of me you always are. You make me feel like a man and respect me. You’ve changed my life and my world. You’ve made every bad day mistake and regret in my life Worth the temporary pain to align the moment for us to meet. I’d do it all over again just to end up with you. Here’s to the start of year 3 already. Time flies”

Alex and Caroline own a cat named Katarina Grande. Katarina even has her own Instagram page @mskatarinagrande.

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