Nicole Jimeno Morel is a Dominican beauty pageant contestant and the winner of Miss Earth Dominican Republic 2016. But in the world of reality TV showbiz, she was mostly recognized as the sister-in-law of Chantel Everett. Nicole also appeared on shows like 90 Days Fiance and The Family Chantel.

Read the article below to know more about Nicole Jimeno Morel, about her dating life and boyfriend(s), about her career and job, and a lot more.

Nicole Jimeno Morel Age, Birthday, Zodiac

There was almost no information about Nicole Jimeno Morel’s age or her birthday on the internet. What was known was that she was younger than her brother Pedro, who was 29 years of age in 2020.

Since her exact birthday was not known, her zodiac sign also remained hidden from the public.

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Nicole Jimeno Morel Wiki: Parents, Siblings, Nationality

Nicole Jimeno Morel was born in the Dominican Republic to parents of Dominican nationality. Among her parents, her mother was Linda Jimeno, who was still living in the Dominican Republic. Alongside Nicole, Linda was also part of the drama in The Family Chantel.

There was no information about Nicole’s father. He was not the part of reality shows that made the rest of the Jimeno family famous. Furthermore, Nicole also had a grandmother who lived in the countryside of the Dominican Republic. Nicole was very close to her grandmother.

Apart from her parents and her grandmother, Nicole also had a sibling in the family. She had an elder brother named Pedro Jimeno. Pedro was the one married to Chantel Everett and was currently living in the United States.

Nicole and her mother had had a very rough relationship with her brother’s in-laws. Nicole once had a very brutal verbal war with Chantel. More on that later.

Height, Weight, Measurements

Nicole Jimeno Morel is a woman of tall stature with a height of 5 ft 8 inches. As of October 2020, she weighed 51 kgs.

Her bodily measurements read the incredible figures of 34-24-35 inches. Considering that she was once crowned Miss Earth Dominican Republic, her fit body measurements were understandable.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Nicole Jimeno Morel had some presence on some of the social media platforms. On Instagram, she had 36.7k followers. There, she had 77 posts, all of which she had hidden from the public because she had kept her profile private.

Moreover, the bio in her profile described her as ‘The Evil Sister‘. That was an obvious reference to her role in The Family Chantel.

She was also present on Twitter, where her presence was significantly less. There she had 357 followers. It did not seem, she was present on Facebook.

Nicole Jimeno Morel Job, Net Worth, Education

It was not known what job exactly Nicole Jimeno Morel did for a living. She did have a career in modeling and pageants. Her Instagram was full of pictures of her participating in Miss Earth Dominican Republic 2016, which she won.

Later, because of her brother, she got into the reality TV showbiz. When her brother, Pedro, fell in love with an American girl Chantel Everett, he moved to the US with a K-1 visa. That was the appropriate premise for TLC‘s 90 Days Fiance.

So, Pedro and Chantel were part of the 2016 season of 90 Days Fiance. And by association, Nicole was also part of the reality show. Later, in 2019, Pedro and Chantel’s relationship and the drama surrounding their relationship prompted TLC to start a spin-off series named The Family Chantel.

On the show, the fans could see that Nicole and Chantel did not like each other very much. Once, she even encouraged Pedro to break up with Nicole. In fact, once when Chantel and Pedro were having some disagreements and Pedro had gone to the Dominican Republic, Nicole tried to set up Pedro with her friend Coraima.

There was almost zero information about her educational background, nor anything about her net worth.

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Nicole Jimeno Morel Dating, Boyfriend, Husband

Coming to her dating life, Nicole Jimeno Morel’s new boyfriend was Alejandro Padron. For the second season of The Family Chantel, Nicole was going to appear with a boyfriend of her own. Alejandro was revealed during the trailer of the new season of the show.


Nicole Jimeno Morel and her boyfriend Alejandro Padron gave Nicole a promise ring (PC:

In what looked like a complete flip in the situation, this time around it was her brother, Pedro, who was not happy with Alejandro. According to the trailer, Nicole’s mother, Linda, was not happy with him either.

According to the various sources on the web, Alejandro was also from the Dominican Republic and was currently living in New York City. Nicole might have been also intending to make Alejandro her husband and move to the United States.

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