Royal Everett is a new cast member in the reality TV series The Family Chantel which premiered for the second time on 12th October in 2020.

The reality TV program airing on TLC is a spin-off of the series 90 Day Fiancé that follows the individual pair Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno and their immediate families as they navigate an intercultural marriage.

Royal, here, happens to be Chantel’s older brother, and this time around in the new season and newly married, he and his wife are expected to surround themselves with tons of drama.

Here’s everything you need to know as part of Royal Everett’s wiki and personal life.

Royal Everett Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Royal Everett is older than his sister Chantel who turned 29 years of age in 2020’s February. This makes him be in his less than or in his early 30s.

Although at the time his precise date of birth could not be found. So, his zodiac sign and birthday remained aloof.

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Royal Everett Wiki: Parents, Siblings, Hometown

The episodes on TLC saw Royal Everett’s father Thomas help stirrup drama between Chantel and her husband Pedro. He even hired a private investigator to look into Pedro’s motivations for marrying Chantel.

Further, the series fans enjoyed seeing both the Everett parents have a suspicion regarding Pedro’s sister Nicole not actually being his sister. Instead, they thought she was his secret lover.

From everything going on in the show, thus far, one can say Thomas and his wife Karen are very protective of their daughter. Although we have to wait a while before they show the same parental trait towards Royal as well.

Besides, Chantel, Royal has two more siblings with unique names. His other sister is Winter Everett and he also has a brother with the name River Everett.

The Everett siblings grew up together in their hometown.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Royal Everett stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall in height. Also, most lately, his weight was listed as an average of 83 Kgs or 183 lbs.

The internet, so far, showed very less of him. This makes it quite a challenge to describe how he looks.


Royal Everett, beside his wife Angenette, shares his love story with the world! (PIC: TLC)

Well, the latest trailer showed him wear a maroon sweater and smiling to his audience as he made his wife blush as he shared their story in front of the camera for the very first time.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

At the time of this writing, Royal Everett was not on any of the trending social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

And, because his famous-than-any-one-in-family sister Chantel also did not tag him on the pictures she shared of him, one could not get access to his profile if he had one anonymously.

Also, he styled himself in a very thinned buzz cut.

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Royal Everett Job, Net Worth, The Family Chantel & 90 Day Fiance

Before the TLC became one of the many jobs, Royal Everett lived in Texas as he continued his studies there.

Although at the time, the media outlets or the fans knew nothing of his jobs other than The Family Chantel.

Also, there are rumors that Royal and his wife Filipina wife might star in yet another show on TLC i.e. 90 Days Fiance.

Royal, following in his sister Chantel’s footsteps, had applied for the K1 visa with Angenette. So that it granted them three months to see if they wanted to move forward with the wedding.

Royal Everett Wife, Married, Kids

Royal Everett is married to a woman from the Philippines who goes around by the name of Angenette.

In the trailers for Season 2 of The Family Chantel, she did not say much. She was seen standing by her husband’s side as he explains their story.

So, the couple met on Facebook when Royal’s wife messaged him first. From there, the romance was pretty fast. To the extent that even got married.

But, judging by Royal’s family’s reaction to Angenette, it all happened pretty fast and they have questions of their own.

Judging from the reaction Royal’s family had towards his wife and their marriage, one can tell there will be a lot that the coming episodes would reveal. And maybe then, we could tell more about their married life.

In the meantime, both Royal or his sister Chantel did not have any kids, with the respective spouses.

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