When it comes to cooking, Clara Hall is among the best in the world. People know her restaurant Clara’s Southern Kitchen. People know her as a contestant in Top Chef and as a cohost of The Chew. But do people know her more personally? For example, do they know her husband Matthew Lyons?

If you don’t know Clara’s personal life and Matthew Lyons but want to know, then read the article below about Matthew.

Matthew Lyons Bio: Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Matthew Lyon was born on 8 July of late 1960. While there was no information regarding the exact year of his birth, Matthew celebrated his birthday every year. (Alprazolam) His age by August of 2020 must be in the mid-50s. His zodiac sign was cancer.

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Matthew Lyons Wiki: Ethnicity, Family, Early Life

Coming to his early life, Matthew Lyons most likely grew up in a family of mixed ethnicity. Anyway, as a kid, Matthew was interested in all sorts of arts like drawing, or painting, even working with clay.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Matthew Lyons stood just a little over 6 ft in height. And he weighed around 87 kgs.

One of the distinct features of Matthew was that he was bald and had an elongated face with a wide forehead.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

Matthew did not seem very active in social media. However, he had a personal blog, where he wrote personal articles about himself. He also shared his interests in photography and the beautiful pictures he took, the poems he wrote, cultural issues he feels deeply about.

On the other hand, his wife, Clara, seemed to very active on social media, especially on Instagram. She had the following of 416k.

Matthew Lyons Job, Net Worth, Education

Matthew studied law for his graduate study from George Washington University. After graduating from the university, he worked for over 26 years in a government agency, i.e. the Food & Drugs Administration of the United States.

In 2018, Matthew left his secure job at FDA and started on a path towards Yoga. He had previously taken Yoga training and after quitting his job, he started to work as a Yoga teacher.

Matthew Lyon’s own net worth was estimated to be around $850 thousand. However, his wife, Clara, was a millionaire with a massive net worth of over 2.5 million dollars.

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Matthew Lyons & Carla Hall: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Matthew Lyons was already a successful government employee, but his popularity arrived only with Clara. He first met Clara through a dating site,

When they first met, Clara was over 40 years old and still single. Her mother was pressurizing her every day to find someone to settle down. Matthew was around a similar age but already divorced. He also had a son called Noah from the previous marriage. Both were looking for someone to settle down but neither knew how fast that was going to happen.

Both Clara and Matthew described their love as something that happened from the very first sight. Matthew shared his first impression of Clara as “I remember as soon as I saw her, my immediate thought was, ‘I’m done’.


Matthew Lyons and his wife Clara Hall circa 2020 (PC: Getty Images)

Of course, that started a whirlwind of romance. They wasted very little time dating. By 2006, and not even a year since they first met, they had already married. Their wedding ceremony was interesting in that they had two different weddings. One, official, when they got their marriage certificate. The other, more intimate, when they celebrated the beginning of their married life with their friends and families.

Although never having any kids during the fourteen years of their married life, the couple was still as thick as when they first started dating.

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