The British celebrity chef Heston Marc Blumenthal has been very open about his professional life throughout his career as a chef. But, when it came to his love life, he tried his best to point the cameras away from his wife and children.

He divorced his wife of 26 years Zeena in 2017 but also secretly married his girlfriend Stephanie Gouveia in 2018. Since very little information has been shared on Stephanie, this wiki-article attempts on unraveling details on her life.

Stephanie Gouveia Wiki: Age, Family, Height

Stephanie Gouveia maintained a certain level of privacy regarding their romantic entanglement. And, it was inevitable that the pair would share very little about their life.

Stephanie turned 33 years old at the time of penning this article. However, she never revealed the full details regarding her birthday. Owing to that, further information such as her zodiac sign remained a mystery.

Along with her birthday, Stephanie avoided revealing info on both of her parents. Though both her father and her mother were featured on Stephanie’s Instagram a few times, she prevented herself from giving out names.

Plus, she kept her lips-shut regarding the possible siblings she has. But on Facebook on 30 July 2020, she posted a picture of herself with a boy named Diego whom she addressed as her brother.

Further research led to the fact that Stephanie inherited Russian heritage from his mother Maria Kulikov.

But, the only thing that has been made public is she is a French national hailing from Valencia.

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Is Stephanie Gouveia On Instagram & Facebook?

Yes, Stephanie has frequented both Instagram and Facebook.

While Stephanie posted her first pic on Instagram in 2018, her earliest post on Facebook can be traced back in 2015. As of 2020, she boasted a total of 194 followers on her Instagram.

Job, Education, Net Worth

The way Stephanie Gouveia presented herself on her social media accounts, everyone could tell she was a supporter. She traveled around the world while supporting her celebrity chef husband.

But back in 2018, Stephanie was introduced as a French estate agent. And apart from that, no other information on her career surfaced at the time.

Along with her job, details on her education and academic qualification remain shrouded in mystery. But, one could surely make an assumption that she has at least passed her high school and even joined university.

As of 2020, Stephanie Gouveia and her husband stacked an impressive net worth of $4.5 million.

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Stephanie Gouveia & Heston Blumenthal: Dating, Wedding, Baby

The dating relationship between Stephanie Gouveia and Heston Blumenthal traces back to at least 2015. Though the pair maintained privacy, Stephanie hinted she had started dating Heston at the time.

Heston first appeared on her social media post in December of 2016. But even Heston avoided revealing the identity of his secret girlfriend. Mainstream media pictured him and Stephanie while on a date night at the Chiltern Firehouse, kissing each other.

In May of 2018, Heston stirred conversation among the fans of the master chef after the news of him tieing knots with Stephanie made the news. Reportedly, they married at Soneva Fushi Resort located in the Maldives over the weekend.

While on holiday, Heston and Stephanie asked the resort manager to arrange everything that they need. And that included a local official to conduct a last-minute nuptial for them. The couple had welcomed their first-born in 2017.

But after the birth of their baby, the pair went through a rough patch, mostly because of Heston’s family problem. But, Stephanie and Heston reconciled their relationship are growing stronger together than they ever did.

Heston Blumenthal Ex-Wife, Divorce, Kids

Before Stephanie, Heston married his ex-wife Zanna. The couple stayed married for almost 28 years.

Heston and Zana were having marriage trouble even before 2011. But in 2015, they split and started living separately. Out of their marriage, the pair had three children: Jack, 24, Jessie, 21, and Joy, 19, at the time of its happening.

In April 2017, the judge offered a “quickie” divorce on the base divorce paper stated the marriage as irretrievably broken down.

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