Big Brother arrived with the new season in 2020 and so did Janelle Pierzina, a fourth-time contestant of the show who fans had claimed to be “Queen of Big Brother”. In this article, we provide some information about one particular intimate person of Janelle’s life, i.e. her husband, Jess Desanto.

Read the article below to learn interesting wikis about Jess Desanto and his relationship with Janelle.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Family

Jess Desanto was born on 10 January 1980 to parents of American nationality in Duluth, Minnesota. On his birthday in 2020, he turned 40 years of age.

Jess’s father was Bill Desanto and his mother was Barbara Jamme Desanto. Apart from then, Jess also had a brother in the family, by the name of Jake Desanto. Currently, Jake worked together with Jess and lived in the twin-city area in Minnesota.

Like Jess, his brother Jake was also married and had kids. The name of his wife was Aileen Desanto and the two of them had two kids together, a son and a daughter.

Jess got his education, his college education, from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. He also met his wife at the university. But more about that later.

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Jess Desanto Wiki — Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Some interesting wikis about Jess Desanto: he had the height of 5 ft 11 inches and, at the time this article was written, weighed 82 kgs.

About his distinct features: Jess had a triangular face; he regularly kept beard, albeit quite short. He had perfect hairline and could pull off a backward cap in a style.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, Facebook

Coming to the social media presence of Jess, we were not glad to find him largely absent from social media, especially the giant ones like Instagram and Twitter.

He was on Facebook with his name stylized as Jess DeSanto. His friends’ circle included the people closest to him, his family, his personal and professional friends. Most of his Facebook wall was filled with pictures of his kids.

Furthermore, Jess was on LinkedIn, where his job and career and education were chronicled.

Jess Desanto Net Worth, Job, Career

According to his LinkedIn profile, Jess was a businessman. He owned his own investment group called Desanto Investments. His brother Jake was also a partner in the investment firm.

If we were to narrow down on what exact job did Jess do, he operated a hotel called AmericaInn in Apple Valley, Minnesota. AmericaInn was owned by his own investment firm.

With his successful career as a businessman and an investor, Jess DeSanto had collected the net worth of almost $3 million.

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Jess Desanto Janelle Pierzina, Married, Kids

In spite of his success as a businessman, the name Jess Desanto was only famous when associated with the name of his wife Janelle Pierzina. As we have already mentioned, Janella was a veteran contestant in Big Brother and a fan favorite.

Jess and Janelle first met in college, when they both studied at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. At that time both were in their late teens, and their relationship did not develop further. Although they remained close even after college.

After college, Jess and Janelle went their separate ways. In 2006 season of Big Brother, Janelle was showing romance with a fellow participant Will Kirby. However, that relationship did not work beyond the show.

Sometime after that, Janelle and Jess got together and started dating. The couple was engaged in 2009 and finally were married by June of 2010.

In December 2011, Jess and Janelle welcomed a new member in their married life, their first kid, daughter Violet. In the next three years, they had two more kids: a son named Lincoln was born in August 2013 and a daughter named Stella was born in 2014.


Jess Desanto his wife Janelle Pierzina and their three kids circa November 2017 (PC: Janella’s IG)

As of 2020, their married life was not only intact but going with much love and care.

So much that when the possibility of her eviction from Big Brother in 2020 arrived, she said that she was not really worried. And if she was evicted, that would not be too bad for then she would get a little more time with her husband and kids.

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