The Titan Games hosted by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson announced the winner of season 2 of the show. On the Men’s Division, Matt Chan has been crowned the winner whereas Dani Speegle took the title in the Women’s Divison.

Dani had an athletic past since the age of three which contributed to her win. And to know more about the Colorado girl, delve into this wiki-article as it unfolds details on her life.

Bio: Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Dani Speegle was born on 10 January 1994. She turned 26 years old while celebrating her birthday in January of 2020.

Per Dani’s date of birth, she hailed Capricorn as her zodiac sign.

Dani Speegle Wiki: Parents, Siblings, Family

Dani Speegle was born to her father Glenn Speegle and her mother Chera Kee Speegle in Conifer, Colorado. Besides the name, no other information on her parents had surfaced on the internet.

More on her family: info regarding her possible siblings also eluded public attention.

Dani Speegle Height, Weight, Measurements

At the time of penning this wiki on Dani Speegle, she weighed approximately 76.5 kilograms (168 lbs). Moreover, she stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters) at the same time.

More on Dani’s physical appearance, she flaunts the measurements of 37-26-36 on her social media accounts including Instagram.

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Dani Speegle Diet, Workout

When interviewed about her diet, Danie Speegle revealed she described it as “Paleo-ish.” She follows the philosophy of moderation when it comes to eating and she eats cleanly.

Dani further added that eats everything healthy. But, she cheats once in while out of enjoyment. With regular nutrition, she also added supplements such as creatine, BCAAs, and protein of course.

When it comes to the composition, she tried keeping it all-natural.

For an athlete, before the workout, comes the mindset, and she seemed a very determined and competitive person. While Dani cheated on the diet, she never compromised with the hard work and consistency to move up to the ranks.

Dani focused on isolation movements and conditioning workout focused on each section of the body. She trained 5-6 times a week with each session that lasted for 3-5 hours per day.

Along with training, she also takes active rest one day and a complete rest one day in a week. As for the specifics, she performs handstand walks, heavy snatches, dumbells, and sandbags.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB, TikTok

While Dani isn’t training, she gets active on her social media handles getting in touch with her fans. By Aug 2020, her Instagram account boasted a total of 581k followers at the time of this writing.

Likewise, her Twitter account garnered 3200 followers reacting to her Tweets. Moreover, she had an account and a page on Facebook. Her FB page was liked by 85,256 people while followed by 92,224 at the same time.

Dani Speegle Net Worth, Education, Career

Starting with Dani’s education endeavors, she attended Conifer High School. Though sports took over most of her time, she was also a member of the French Club, National Honor Society, and Stand Club.

But, for a larger part of her life, she gained recognition as an athlete. Dani played volleyball, soccer, Varsity track, but eventually fell in love with gymnastics. She also made it to the Colorado Performance Volleyball Club Team.

Following graduation, she went on to attend Florida Institute of Technology in Florida. She joined the university as it fitted her lifestyle but also to earn a degree in marine biology to become a teacher and a marine biologist.

And as for her career, Dani was introduced to gymnastics at the age of three. But by eight, she had already started competing in gymnastics events.

14-year-old Dani then created her own routine but an injury that she endured put her career in halt.

She pushed away from her dream to be a marine biologist teacher after she decided to join CrossFit to compete in games. She joined CrossFit in September of 2015 after a push from fellow CrossFitter Richard Assante.

All thanks to her athletic upbringing, it wasn’t long before Dani gained traction in the world of CrossFit. She started competing in Crossfit Open since 2016 and has won whole the competition in the Women’s Division in 2019.

Dani also competed in season 2 of The Titan Games. She and Matt Chan became the Titan’s of the season finale in July 2020.

As of 2020, Dani Speegle boasted an estimated net worth of $800 thousand.

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Dani Speegle Boyfriend, Married, Husband

As of Summer 2020, Dani Speegle was in a relationship with a fellow CrossFitter Alex Jordan. The pair met each other in 2017 in Regional games where both didn’t make it for the Games.

However, Dani and boyfriend Alex trained together for 2018 Regionals and their professional association turned into a romance. The couple supported and helped train each other.

Since Alex’s coaching arrangement did work out well for Dani as she made it to the Games, people found it weird to have one’s boyfriend as a coach. And even Dani acknowledged the fact.

Nevertheless, it worked out very well for her as you can see and their relationship is thriving. Because of the undeniable chemistry between the two, fans of the CrossFit couple wishes to see them engaged and married.

But, chances of that ever happening might be way down the road. Until then, we — as fans — patiently wait until the day comes when Dani Speegle started calling Alex Jordan. her husband.

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