A new spinoff of 90 Days Fiance called Love in Paradise: The Caribbean premiered on 18 July 2021. And one of the new pairs making their appearances on the show was Mark Truzzolino and Key Elisa Bukschtein.

Read about him in this Mark Truzzolino Wiki below and find out every tiny information about him, like his age job, height, including the information about his family and about his relationship with Key.

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Mark Truzzolino Age

By the time of the publication of this article, i.e. 24 July 2021, Mark Truzzolino was 39 years of age, having been born on 26 August 1981. And because his birthday was on the 26th of August, just about a month from today, his zodiac sign was Virgo.

Mark Truzzolino Family

Mark Truzzolino was born to parents Daniel Truzzolino and Beverly Truzzolino. We do not know what his father did but his mother is a full-time realtor and worked for Aspero Realty, Inc. Mark’s parents lived in Huntington Beach, California.

Mark and his elder brother Paul Truzzolino, who was 42 years of age as of 2021, were born and raised in Huntington Beach. Mark still lived in his hometown. Paul, on the other hand, is a married man with a couple of children. He is married to Jennifer Hooper Truzzolino and had two kids, a son and a daughter with her.

His Height, Distinct Features

Mark Truzzolino is not a very tall guy and stood at a slightly below-average height of 5 ft 8 inches. Other than that, Mark is a rather handsome guy with distinct features like a short beard and short black hair, and blue eyes.

His Instagram, Facebook

Mark Truzzolino was not that into social media as of July 2021. And up until now, he was just a regular person and not a celebrity. So, there was not much buzz about Mark on Facebook or Instagram. He was present on Instagram as @marktruzzolino. He had 14 posts and 259 followers.

Similarly, Mark was also present on Facebook and 460 friends. His was a regular profile and did not have a page.

Compared to Mark, his girlfriend Key Elisa Bukschtein was a very active social media user. She was active on Instagram as @keybuk_ofi with over 2.4k posts and 2k followers.

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Mark Truzzolino Job

When it comes to a job, Mark Truzzolino is head of sales at Four Sons Brewing. Four Sons Brewing was started by a family, Duke and Daune Dufresne, and their four sons. Four Sons’ website describes the brand as:

“Dad, Mom and four sons… Our journey into the world of brewing started in a garage and has quickly grown into a nationally recognized brand. Since our humble beginnings, we have worked as a team to brew the best beers and create a culture around Four Sons Brewing that invites people to feel as though they’re family.”

The brand has its branches in California and in Arizona and it won the Taster’s Choice Award at Winter Brewfest in December 2018. Mark and this co-workers celebrated the four successful years of Four Sons in September 2018.

As the head of sales for Four Sons, Mark’s annual salary must be between $172k and $223k, which is the range of average salary for the head of sales in California.

Apart from his regular job, in the last few weeks, Mark has also become a reality TV star. He was a part of one of the greatest franchises in reality television history. Mark and Key Elisa Bukschtein are featuring as a trans-national couple in Discovery+‘s new show Love in Paradise: The Caribbean. He already had an IMDb profile as well.

Mark Truzzolino Net Worth

Thanks to his job in sales and his TV appearances, as of July 2021, Mark’s net worth had increased to slightly under $600 thousand.

Interesting Fact: Mark loved traveling and was quite an adrenaline junkie.

Key Elisa Bukschtein And Mark Truzzolino: Love In Paradise, Still Together?

Now, let us get into the relationship between Mark and Key. Key Elisa Bukschtein is a personal trainer from Buenos Aires, Argentina but who was currently living in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

Mark and Key first met in Bocas del Toro, Panama about 10 years ago. They met, they fell in love. Mark helped Key recover from an overdose (we do not know exactly what Key overdosed in). That was obviously a difficult moment in Key’s life and him helping her should have forged their relationship for good but apparently Mark “let Key get away once”.

Nine years later, they reconnected and rekindled that amazing spark once again. During the time of Love In Paradise, Mark was headed back to Bocas del Toro and he seemed to be determined to make Key move to California to be with him. He seemed to regret leaving Key in the past and was “not going to let that happen” again.

Key, on the other hand, did not seem that keen to move to the US. For now, they seemed to be struggling to make their relationship survive in the midst of all the disagreements. It has been a while since the early parts of the show were filmed. So, we do not know if Mark and Key’s relationship has survived.

And in the middle of all that, an anonymous ex of Mark has emerged. A user named @truzzolino_lies was active on the 90 Day Fiance pages on Reddit and has claimed that she was Mark’s ex. At one point the user said, “As stunned as I am I’m very surprised that he took to tv to profess his love for someone very quickly after being with me for off and on for about 8 years.”

The said ex also mentioned that she was “thinking about doing a reaction video” on each episode of the show.

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