The fan-favorite 90 Day Fiancé returned on Discovery+ for its ultimate summer spin-off series Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story on July 18, 2021.

The docu-soap reality series circles around four couples. Having first found love in the Caribbean they strive to keep the sparks alive long-distance even after the summer ends.

Among them are Amber Graney, from Seminole, Florida, and her Costa Rican fiancé Daniel Salazar.

Here, the ‘Amber Graney Wiki’ covers all that you have been prying, about Amber and her relationship with Daniel Salazer.

Amber Graney Age

Every year on May 1, Amber Graney celebrates her birthday and thus she is a Taurus. In May 2021, she reached the age of 31. This makes her eight years senior to Daniel who had turned 23.

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Amber Graney Family

Amber Graney was more likely born and raised in her hometown of North Carolina, in the Southeastern region of the United States. While ethnicity-wise, she appears to have acquired Irish roots.

Amber shares a very close resemblance with her mother who is also a blonde. On mother’s day, Amber took to her IG to write, “Happy Mothers Day To the Woman who raised 3 perfect daughters ❤️…”

But, so far, she has never really mentioned her dad.

Amber’s sisters are named Ashley and Lace Graney.

Among the two, Ashley is an East Carolina University alum who also went to Mooresville Senior High. She continued to live in Mooresville, North Carolina, and cited Buffalo, New York as her original place. Ashley is the older of the three siblings.

Then, there is lesser-known, Lace, the youngest and Amber’s bestie who turned 28 in Sep. 2020. In fact, Amber often adoringly referred to both her sisters as her “Cradle to Grave.”

Her Height, Distinct Features

Amber Graney stands above the height of 5’5” or 1.65 meters. She has lovely pair of blue/hazel appearing eyes and naturally blonde below shoulder-length hair.

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Amber Graney Plastic Surgery

In the process of telling her “tummy tuck journey’ story on IG, Amber Graney shared pictures of her from back in 2010; which showed, she weighed relatively much higher than she does today. Then, she revealed, in the last 3/4 years from 2015, she lost a total of 105 pounds.

Amber also admitted she got plastic surgery but that the doctor only took off 5 lbs and so beyond that, it was all her continuous effort. She shared, the dramatic changes in her physical appearance were the result of how strongly she pushed herself in diet and exercise.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Until July 23, 2021, Amber Graney had 729 followers on her Instagram @ambro_yo1.

Meanwhile, Amber enjoyed only a few i.e. 4 followers on her Twitter @AmbroHoe where her status read: “Im an awesome bitch”.

Then, Amber could also be spotted sharing updates from her life on ‘Amber Graney’ Facebook. Her introductory line on the platform read: “She has the soul of a ✨Mermaid✨,the 🔥 of a Lion, the 💜 of a Hippie✌🏼 & the spirit of a 🦋.”

Amber Graney Job, Net Worth

Amber Graney is already on IMBD and credited for ‘self’ appearances on her very debut in the reality TV world. But, the fans still did not know about her job/profession outside of the recent Discovery+ stint. And no surprise, even her net worth stayed anonymous to all of us.

Amber Graney And Daniel Salazar: Love In Paradise, Still Together?

So, we know, Amber Graney is paired up with Daniel Salazar on 90 Day Fiancé spin-off, Love In Paradise: The Caribbean.

Clearly, the story of Amber and Daniel had been documented months prior to its release on television. And thus, naturally, the fans have been wondering if or not the two are still together. To that, let us tell you, Daniel’s relationship status on Facebook continued to read “In a relationship with Amber Graney since October 2018” as of late July 2021.

That means their vacation fling just may have turned into something serious.

Still, however, Amber had no significant memories of Daniel on her social media grid. And even Daniel did not give away any details surrounding their relationship.

Some viewers have been quick to labeling — Amber as an intense of the two because she “wants everything a certain way.” While those who thought this way found her fiancé a lot more “laidback.”

The pair met nearly three years ago while vacationing in Costa Rica and soon started dating.

Talking about their scene on 90 Day Fiancé, they had not seen each other in months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus, the situation had derailed their K-1 visa application process or otherwise 6 months stretch to 11.

If everything goes well, Amber and Daniel will be married by the time the series comes to an end.

But again, viewers had also already witnessed, Amber starting to become resentful — if she is committing to a life as Daniel’s “mother,” rather than his wife. She had apparently spent 2020 financially supporting Daniel and initiating their K-1 Visa application.

So, while Amber, the alleged “sugar mama” rather than a girlfriend or fiancee, figured out if Daniel is the husband material for her, viewers also saw her get into an “explosive” fight with him.

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