Marianne Ayer made headlines in 2021 after her ex-girlfriend, Jean Strahan, ex-wife of Micheal Strahan was arrested. As reported, Jean harassed Marianne in her Manhattan home which eventually led to calling the police. So, people want to know, who is Marianne Ayer and what does she do for a living?

Scroll down to learn more about her with this Marianne Ayer Wiki.

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Marianne Ayer Jean Strahan, Restraining Order

Marianne Ayer and Jean Strahan had previously dated each other. But, the total length of their relationship and other details hasn’t been made public yet. However, the couple’s relationship wasn’t free from the trouble that she ended up getting a restraining order against Jean Strahan after they broke up.

In June 2021, Marianne had filed legal documents against Jean Muggli Strahan. As reported, there existed several accusations against Jean in the legal document which was retrieved. Some of the accusations include forcible touching, harassment, coercion, disorderly conduct, and grand larceny.


Marianne Ayer and her ex-girlfriend Jean Strahan (Pic: Marianne’s Facebook)

The document also held the details that Marianne Ayer had used a plastic gun to threaten her. It was a toy gun so she couldn’t pose any physical threat towards Marriane. But, Jean claimed it was real. All of it transpired in Ayer’s home in Manhattan in the Upper Westside.

On top of that, Marianne also accused Jean of abusing her German Shepherd by pushing and kicking it. Later, the police made the arrest.

Based on some of the pictures from the past, Marianne Ayer had let her ex-girlfriend meet her family and friends.

Marianne Ayer Michael Strahan, Dating History

There is no relationship between Marianne Ayer and Michael Strahan of any kind on a personal level. They are just related to each other because of Jean Strahan. But talking about Marianne’s dating history, she was married to William Price. Together, they had at least two sons named Adam Price and Trevor Price, and a daughter named Halle Price.

Sadly, Adam, who was married to Cody Price, passed away on 9 July 2016 leaving behind his stillborn son who was named Grayson after Adam died.

Besides that, Marianne’s other relationships are yet to be explored.

As for Michael Strahan, he and Jean Strahan met each other in Skin-care Salon for the first time. With great courage, he asked her out eventually after frequenting the shop. The couple married on 18 July 1999 and welcomed twin daughters: Sophia and Isabella in 2004.

In March of 2004, Jean called 911 reporting her husband’s threat to abuse her. She reported physical abuse and ever reported that she believed her kidney was damaged because of it. Whereas, Michael shared about confronting his ex-wife for unaccounted withdrawal of $3.5 million.

Later, Michael filed for divorce and he paid $15 million as alimony with an additional amount of $18,000 to be provided as child support. It was labeled the most expensive divorce settlement ever.

Before Jean, Michael was married to Wanda Hutchins with whom he had two children, Tanita Strahan and Michael Anthony Strahan.

How Old Is Marianne Ayer?

In June 2021, Marianne Ayer was reported as age 57. According to, she celebrates her birthday every year on 20 January. This made her an Aquarius by zodiac sign.

Her Family, Hometown

Marianne is a ”ghost” with no single details that could verify details about her. She only made headlines since her former girlfriend was in the vicinity of former football player Michael Strahan. So, very few details exist on her part.

But as reported on several news outlets, Marianne Ayer was born to her father Sammy Ayer and her mother Jane Goodson. Her siblings and half-siblings include; Herbert Miller Gulledge, David L Brandt, Angie Gulledge, and Henry Ayer.

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How Tall Is She?

Marianne Ayer is a middle-aged lady who stands tall at not more than to the height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters). She has dark and silver-colored hair that came with the aging process. She has small lips and a square face with beautiful eyes which happen to be her distinct features.

Is Marianne Ayer On Instagram?

The only social media platform where we can discover Marianne Ayer is Facebook. She kept her Facebook private so not many details could be unearthed regarding the number of friends she had. She posted on Facebook for the last time on 23 May 2021.

Besides that, Marianne Ayer couldn’t be discovered on Twitter as well as Facebook.

Marianne Ayer Job, Education

Though yet to be confirmed, we also found a few details that Marianne Ayer worked as a Nurse/MA at Redwood Family Practice. Other than that, there exists no further information on Marianne’s current job situation.

While her academic qualifications are yet to be confirmed, Marianne working as a nurse suggested that she completed high school and even attended college to earn her Nursing degree.

But, having a son, Marianne’s priority would be taking care of him with her job as a mother. Similar, to that, her ex-girlfriend also chose to move to North Dakota after her divorce from her ex-husband Michael Strahan.

Hence, the exact figure of her total net worth is also yet to be evaluated.

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