Punkie Johnson is a female comedian hailing from New Orleans. She is on her way to take over one of the recognized and respected comedy sketch show, SNL. The announcement came out with several accolades on her name.

For those who are not familiar with the newest addition to the SNL, delve into this Punkie Johnson wiki!

Biography — Age, Birthday, Real Name

Punkie Johnson has been open about most aspects of her life either with stand up or her interviews. However, she missed revealing her age and real name.

Nonetheless, Punkie celebrates her birthday every year on 29 April which made her a Taurus.

Punkie Johnson Wiki — Family, Parents, Siblings

Punkie Johnson was born to her anonymous father and her mother Mary Johnson in New Orleans, Louisiana. While private details on her parents remain anonymous, she speaks highly of her mom and dad.

Punkie loved growing up in New Orleans, and she regretted nothing about it. She grew up around in a culture, street food, live music which molded her as the person we know her today. Plus, her parents had a huge influence on her as a person.

In the interview with, Punkie cited that she inherited her mother’s toughness and her father’s swag, charm, and smoothness. And it is because of all of these characters, that helped to maintain her persistence in making it as an entertainer.

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Punkie Johnson Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Often overshadowed by her comedy, people forget how good she looks in person. Punkie has long dreads which she usually keeps tied up. She always looks fresh with Tee’s and Jeans and a chain around her neck.

Only a few inches taller than her mother, Punkie Johnson stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 meters). Plus, she weighed 62 kilograms (136 lbs) which gave her a fit body. Not only she inherited characters, but she also owned her mother’s good looks.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Moving on, Punkie Johnson gathered 11.8k followers on her Instagram profile. Likewise, her Twitter account earned 1928 followers that she gained with her long-standing perseverance of making it as a comedian.

What’s more, Punkie also frequents a Facebook account where she posts short comedic skits.

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Punkie Johnson Net Worth, SNL, Career

Punkie Johnson is self-proclaimed mischief who went to catholic and public schools. She attended McDonough 35 High School and graduated from the same in May of 2003.

Following that, she went on to enroll at Nicholl’s State University in Thibodeaux, Louisiana. In 2008, Punkie earned her bachelor’s degree in General Studies after graduating from the University.

Before her career as an entertainer took off, Punkie worked as a bartender. In 2011, she moved out of her hometown to pursue a career in L.A. And it was around that time, she got into stand-up comedy.

But, in order to sustain, she had to get a job. So, Punkie started working as a waitress.

She debuted her career with The Comedy Store as one of its paid regulars. In 2019, she performed in Just for Laughs which stood as a milestone of her earliest breaks.

Punkie also did several gigs on television including Journeyman, Jobless, Take My Wife, ZombieCON, Adam Ruins Everything, A Black Lady Sketch Show, and Space Force.

In 2020, she made it to SNL making her a history as the first openly gay/lesbian black woman to join the show but second to Kate McKinnon as a lesbian.

With her career, Punkie Johnson earned a salary to make her ends meet and. Since her career was taking off right now in September 2020, she was probably going to stack $100 thousand that contribute to her net worth in years that come.

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Punkie Johnson Wife, Married, Lesbian

Punkie Johnson has talked about her wife in several materials she wrote for her stand-up bits. And the comic expressed her love and how much her significant other was into her work.

However, Punkie Johnson never revealed her identity out in public and when they became a married couple. Plus, her wife was never featured in any of her social media accounts. As of September 2020, their lesbian relationship was only restricted to Punkie’s materials and fans hope to see it soon.

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