Our readers might know about Marrying Millions; that hit Lifetime reality show, which portrays the lives of various couples throughout the United States, where one member of the couple is rich and the other is comparatively poor. In the 2020 season of the show, five new couples were added. Among the five new couples, one was that of Reese Record and Nonie Creme.

In this Reese Record wiki, we would provide information about the Marrying Millions star!

Reese Record Age, Birthday, Family

From our research on the web, Reese Record was the age of 30 in August 2020. And although his exact birthday was not known, he was probably born during the latest 1970s or the earliest of the 1980s.

Reese Record is of American nationality. He was originally from the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Apart from his parents in the family, he had his grandfather, with who he was very close. His grandfather served during the Vietnam war.

Reese also had a sibling named Alyssa growing up. Alyssa was married and had a son, Reese’s nephew, with who Reese was very close.

Besides Alyssa, Reese had another sister named Mackenzie Record. What’s more, he also considered Delaney Record as his family.

In total, Reese grew up alongside 3 sisters. The Record siblings were raised by their single mother. When Reese was 13 years old, his father had passed away.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Reese Record is a tall guy standing at the impressive 6 ft 2 inches. He weighs 83 kgs or 183 pounds. One of the distinctive features of Reese was that he had long flowing hair and a chest-long beard, almost like the Indian sages.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

Before the Marrying Millions, Reese Record did not have much social media following. He only had his close friends and family members connected through his social media.

By the time this article was penned (Jan 2021), Reese had the following of 1.8 thousand on Instagram.

That following, however, was sure to increase as more and more episodes of the Marrying Millions air and people start to get familiar with Reese.

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Reese Record Job, Education, Net Worth

Other than the fact he finished high school, there was no information on the web regarding where Reese Record got his education. As of early 2021, he worked as an arborist and a handyman. He was also a great skateboard enthusiast.

As seen on his IG, Reese still lived with his skateboard buddies in a skateboard house. That said, he spent 99% of his time at Nonie’s Seattle mansion.

Reese, alongside his girlfriend, was selected as one of the new cast members for the second season of Lifetime TV’s hit reality show, Marrying Millions.

Reese Records’ net worth can be estimated to be around $150 thousand. But that number means nothing when he is dating a millionaire.

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Nonie Creme & Reese Record: Dating, Engaged, Married

Reese Record met girlfriend Nonie on Tinder. Nonie was a divorced, single mother, and a successful businesswoman. Meanwhile, Reese was poor and still playing skateboarding with his buddies. Yet, when they saw each other on Tinder, they swiped right. And when they started, dating, all the differences did not matter. The couple loved each other, and only that mattered.

Before Nonie entered his life, Reese was a life-long bachelor. His longest relationship reportedly lasted less than a year.


Reese Record and his girlfriend Nonie Creme (PC:

Nonie is a beauty product entrepreneur. She used to be the founding director of Butter London. As of 2021, she was working as the CEO of BeautyGARDE. She had previously also appeared on The Today Show and Animal Cribs, promoting her brands.

Reese and Nonie started dating in early-2019 and they were still doing great together when Marrying Millions premiered. After 18 months of dating, Reese had grown closer to Nonie’s daughter, the three of them had started to live together in their Seattle home.

The smooth sailings, and the ups and downs, of Reese and Nonie’s relationship, was well documented on the Marrying Millions. When the first part of Marrying Millions ended, they were just the long-term girlfriend or boyfriend. They were not married, neither were they engaged to be married.

After a short break, Marrying Millions returned in Jan 2021. As seen on the trailer released beforehand, there was trouble brewing between Nonie and Creme.

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