There are thousands of unsolved and twisted stories going on in the lives of people. While some reach the ears of people, the others don’t. Like such stories was one that gravitated a lot of attention and it was of Yolanda Leak.

Yolanda Leak first appeared in front of the people as a participant in TLC’s show “90 Days Fiance: Before the 90 Days”. There she entered as a woman ho had lost her husband seeking love.

Surprisingly, as things started to move on the truth behind Yolanda’s appearance in the show was revealed. If you want to know what was the reason stay tuned and go through the article.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Yolanda Leak first made herself know when she appeared on the show “90 Days Fiance” in 2020. At that time she was 51 years old.

Apart from that, her birthday, zodiac sign, and any other personal information were kept in the bay. In the show, she paired up with a man named William and shared a soft corner for the man even though she did not see him.

That raised a lot of questions regarding her judgment and became a major point of attraction in the show.

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Yolanda Leak Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Yolanda Leak was very private regarding her personal information due to which she did not reveal anything regarding her parents, siblings, and even her family background.

However, from what little was known of her, she has a family of her own with six children. Her husband passed away and she became based in Los Vegas with her children.

Yolanda Leak Job, Net Worth, Book

Yolanda Leak burst into the scene of popularity as the reality star starred in TLC’s show.

There her sad backstory and the loss of her husband provided her with the support of the views and love from her fans.

Interestingly, what did grab the headlines was her fling with a guy named, William, who called himself a British restaurant manager despite his non-British accent.   

Other than that, her real job stands as writer and book author. She even published her very own book and some even said her real purpose of getting into the show was the publicity of her E-book “Diet Not”.

One of her alleged boyfriends told in an interview that, Yolanda was a very money-minded person and she did the show for the money it offered. To be precise it was said she was paid $2000 per episode in the show which makes her net worth in thousands of dollars.

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Yolanda Leak Height, Weight Loss

Yolanda Leak’s life consisted of many transitions. One of which was her journey of weight loss.

Standing above the average height of 5 feet 5 inches, Yolanda was facing a lot of problems maintaining weight to height ratio.


Yolanda Leak’s weight loss transformation (Pic: dietnot2017 Instagram)

Then after the death of her husband, she realized she had to change. From being 300 pounds to 150 pounds, she completed a huge challenge in her life.

Social Media Reach: IG, FB, Twitter

Talking about social media presence, Yolanda became famous from the reality show but does not boast many fans.

Though in the show she mentioned having Instagram, details of her Id was not revealed. Other than that, she also did not use Facebook and Twitter.

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Yolanda Leak & Williams On “90 Day Fiance

Yolanda Leak’s stay in TLC’s “90 Day Fiance” saw her make a bond with Williams.

However, people questioned Yolanda’s judgment as she insisted on William being a good person despite some alarming concerns. Likewise, William called himself British, but his number was found to be from Nigeria.

Similarly, his pictures that he shared with the mother of six were also all fake. Also, whenever he was asked to show his face, he made excuses. Just when people were taking her side and feeling sorry for her catfish relationship, it was surfaced that she also had a boyfriend named Uche before joining the show.

Even when her kids reverse force searched Williams’ photo to prove he was fake, Yolanda didn’t believe it. As seen on “90 Day Fiance,” she even hired a private investigator to find out the truth about him.

At some point in the show, Yolanda recieved a threatening e-mail. The writer — who many believed was Williams — tried to extort money from her by using her private photos.

The fans never got to see Yolanda meet Williams. What’s more, some of them branded the American beauty “likable but delusional.”

In leaked footage from the show’s reunion, Yolanda shared she was in a coma for a month and further three weeks in a ventilator due to an early case of Coronavirus.

A month earlier, Yolanda revealed she shot down Ceaser Mack’s advances on IG.

About Former Husband, Kids

Yolanda Leak was previously married to a husband, Dwayne who passed away due to kidney disease. The couple had been together for more than 30 years and during that time gave birth to six children.

While she admitted dating many, Yolanda shared she loved only Dwayne. Apart from that, Dwayne had his differences with the law which kept him in prison for six years. Though the reason for his sentence was uncertain, he did spend time in jail.

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