Rachel Ballinger is a popular American YouTuber and a TikTok star. Her YouTube videos, which are often very comedic and light-hearted, offer a glimpse of what her everyday life looks like.

In 2021, Rachel made headlines after she came out as a lesbian which comes months after her breakup with her longtime boyfriend Matt. This has led to all of her fans and followers wondering who her new girlfriend is.

Wanna find out about the identity of Rachel’s new girlfriend? Well, then you have come to the right place as in a couple of hundreds of words we are going to talk about Rachel’s sexuality and her girlfriend information. Also, get insights into Rachel’s general wikis, job, and net worth.

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Is Rachel Ballinger Married Or Dating?

The very first time Rachel’s fans suspected the break-up between Rachel and her boyfriend of eight years Matt was in December 2020 after Rachel’s sister Collen uploaded a TikTok.

In the TikTok video, Rachel moved her finger down when it said “put a finger down if you broke up with someone this year.”

As Rachel expected, after that video went live, she had a bombardment of messages from her fans asking the details surrounding her breakup.

Since then, the YouTube star has been offering every little detail about her personal life post her split with Matt in September 2020.

In one video, Rachel told, “I have not talked to my ex in over a month…   I have tried because we were intertwined for eight years.”


Rachel with her boyfriend Matt.

As of March 2021, not only Rachel spilled beans about her split with Matt, but she also revealed that she had wanted to break up with her longtime boyfriend since the end of 2018.

Months after her break-up with Matt, Rachel came out as a lesbian in one of February 2021’s vlogs.

In recent videos, Rachel told that she began dating women after her split with Matt and has already found “the woman”.

Going by Rachel’s vlogs and videos, it is highly unlikely that Rachel and “the woman” have married. Probably, the two have only begun dating.

Is Rachel Ballinger Lesbian?

Yes, the YouTube star and TikToker Rachel Ballinger is lesbian.

After her split with her longtime boyfriend, Rachel came out as gay in the vlog she posted in February 2021. She revealed that the breakup with Matt gave her the time to explore her sexuality.

Her split with Matt developed a general sense of loathing for other men. She no longer had an interest in any guys.

Though Rachel had thought she would not get into the dating game anytime soon, a deep-dive into TikTok changed things.

“Then one day, I’m laying in my bed and I’m scrolling through TikToks… TikTok is the reason I realized I am gay,” Rachel told in a vlog.

Afterward, Rachel started a thorough search of lesbian stars on TikTok and had feelings that she had never had before.

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Who Is Rachel Ballinger Girlfriend? 

After reevaluating her sexuality and discovering she has feelings for women, Rachel Ballinger once again got into the dating game, only this time it was an awful lot of girls.

Though Rachel never revealed how many girls she dated following her split with Matt, the YouTube star has already told her fans that she has found herself “the woman” and is ready to settle down.

With that being said, Rachel is very secretive when it comes to her girlfriend’s identity. As of March 2021, Rachel had not posted any photos of her or any other content with her.

But, Rachel did occasionally tweet about her girlfriend. For instance, on February 28, 2021, Rachel tweeted, “My girlfriend is really pretty.”

In the tweet, Rachel received lots of love and support from her fans as the comment section was filled with positive comments.

On March 28, 2021, replying to a person named Cami’s tweet, Rachel wrote, “I did something similar for our first date”. Cami’s tweet contained a back of the truck—which was made to look like a cozy bed–with a whole lot of drinks and snacks and other stuff.

Judging from the comments Rachel received in that reply, it must be said that her followers found it cute that Rachel and her girlfriend did that—whatever Cami’s tweet had—for their first date.

While it is accurate to say that Rachel’s followers have no clue whatsoever of what her girlfriend looks like, but they somewhat have an idea of how she sounds like. Rachel’s girlfriend shot some part of …. Vlog and her voice can be heard in the background.

Though a lot of fans and followers have already requested her to reveal her girlfriend, Rachel Ballinger had not yet fulfilled their request until March 2021. Who knows, maybe the TikTok star had already made “A Girlfriend Reveal Video” and was in search of the perfect time to upload the video on her channel.

Net Worth, Book, Merch, Podcast, Cameo

The California native started her YouTube career more than a decade ago. She created her eponymous channel in September 2006 and ever since she has been uploading comedic vlogs and light-hearted videos on her channel.

Until March 2021, Rachel has over 2.79 million subscribers on her channel with over 400 million views in total. Not only the California native is popular on YouTube, but she also boasts big numbers on other socials like TikTok (1.6 million followers), Instagram (1 million followers), and Twitter (530 thousand followers).

Besides being an Internet personality, she is also an author. She published a book named ‘101 Things That Piss Me Off’ in 2017.

Furthermore, Rachel also runs a podcast series “All Things Internet” with her mom.

Santa Barbara native Rachel Ballinger earned at least around $20 thousand monthly from YouTube as of March 2021. Furthermore, her merchandise lineup and Cameo presence add up to make a massive net worth of $3 million.

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