Kate Quigley is a comedian and actress who got widespread fame as the host of Undercover, a Playboy TV action series. Apart from that, Kate had a huge following on the stand-up scene as well as on the podcast world.

In Sept 2021, Kate was hospitalized for allegedly taking cocaine contaminated with fentanyl during a party in the Venice neighborhood. 3 others including Kate’s close friend passed away consuming the same. As speculations grew rampant, Kate texted “I’m alive. I’m not great. But I’m ok.” to her friend Brian Redban.

Read the article below to know more about the multi-talented diva.

Kate Quigley Wiki — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

According to various sources on the internet, Kate Quigley was born on 08 February 1982. So, she was 39 years of age as of September 2021.

Having her birthday on 08 February, Kate’s zodiac sign was Aquarius.

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Biography — Family, Early Life, Hometown

Kate spent a great part of her early life in a dysfunctional family, at that was what she said in one of her very funny self-mocking Tweets. Her father abandoned Kate and her mother when she was very young. And she was raised entirely by her mother.

Kate’s hometown was Canton, Ohio, where she was born and raised. Not much was known about her early life, like anything about siblings.

Kate Quigley Height, Plastic Surgery, Measurements

Kate Quigley stands at a height of 5 ft 5 inches, or 165 cm. Moreover, she has an amazing body with measurements: 36 hip-size, 24 waist-size, and 32 bust-size. Also, her shoe size was 7.5.

According to some reports, Kate has gone through a series of plastic surgery for her breasts. The first time she had breast implants, there was some complication and to amend those complications, Kate had three further surgeries.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

As her line of work demanded, Kate was very active on social media. On Instagram, she had a total of 6973 posts (as of 30 September 2020). She averaged about 3 posts in a day, where the posts included some funny quips she wrote, hot photos of herself, or snaps of her time with her friends and family. She had 173k followers on Instagram.

Her Facebook page had 51k likes and over 814k followers. On her Twitter, which was again full of comedy videos and funny quips, she had 89k followers. She also had a Youtube channel but that channel did not have any content and only 9 subscribers.

Kate Quigley Net Worth, Career, Podcast

Kate started her career by getting an acting degree from the Chicago College of Performing Arts. She appeared in a non-credited role for The Office and worked in a few TV shorts after graduation. However, Kate wanted much more than just that. It wasn’t until she was almost into her 30s that she moved to LA and started in the showbiz proper.

Kate started as a comedian and did a lot of stand-up routines. That was around the early 2010s. However, she started to make the mark all around the show business. In 2015, she hosted Playboy TV‘s Undercover. That was her most famous gig so far.

In 2016, she hosted AVN Award on Showtime. She also worked for MTV 2’s TV series called Add TV. Her other minor achievements include minor roles in the TV shows like My Super-Overactive Imagination, Apartment-9, The Megan Mullally Show, etc.

Furthermore, she also hosted a podcast called #datefails. Kate invited all kinds of guests in her podcast and they talked about date fails shameful sex stories and relationship advice.

As of September 2021, Kate Quigley’s net worth was $1.25 million.

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Who Is Kate Quigley Ex-Husband?

When she was 19, Kate Quigley married her high school boyfriend. According to Kate, they were young and her boyfriend was very caring and supportive. When Kate moved to Chicago to go to college, her husband (now ex-husband) moved with her. They lived in Chicago for almost 10 years.

However, after 10 years the love only could not sustain the relationship. Kate wanted to be an actor and move to LA, her husband, on the other hand, wanted to move to New York. Eventually, the difference in goals made them divorce each other and go in different ways.

However, according to Kate, the divorce was very amicable and she was still friends with her ex-husband. The name of this ex-husband remained mysterious to date.

Kate Quigley Darius Rucker, Dating, Boyfriend

After her divorce from her long-term husband, Kate Quigley had had many boyfriends. One of those boyfriends was Chris Bukowski that Kate was dating during 2016. Chris is reportedly a porn star as well as a Bachelorette contestant.

Later in the 2019 interview, Kate admitted that she was once dating comedian Bobby.

However, her most high-profile boyfriend was Darius Rucker. Darius Rucker is an R&B singer, who had released his most famous album called Back to Then in 2002.


Kate Quigley and her current boyfriend Darius Rucker circa September 2020 (PC: Kate’s IG)

Darius had only just separated from his wife of 20 years, Beth Leonard (read about her here), in July 2020. After his divorce, Darius Rucker started dating Kate and as of September 2020, they were still going great.

Kate and Darius dated for most of 2020. However, by late Summer 2021, the duo’s romance had died down. TMZ even claimed they were no longer an item.

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