Steven Mark McFadden is best known as the husband of Paula Jones, who had filed a lawsuit against former POTUS Bill Clinton. While Paula made the occasional appearances on the media, Steven stayed completely off-grid.

Still, we’ve put together this Steven Mark McFadden Bio to help readers learn more about him.

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Steven Mark McFadden And Paula Jones: Married Life, Any Kids?

Steven Mark McFadden and Paula Jones on married 27 October 2001. According to Deseret, they were neighbors. At the time of their marriage, Steven was 39 years old while Paula was 35. They exchanged their wedding vows inside the Villa Marre home in downtown Little Rock.

According to the report of Deseret, they met each other when their neighbor threw a housewarming party in 1998. At first, both of them were shy but they hit it off after that and started dating each other. From that point on, they got close, got engaged, and eventually married.

Before Steven, Paula had tied the knots with her ex-husband Steve Jones. They had met in 1989 and wedded in 1991. After almost 8 years together, they divorced in 1999.

Paula has two children from her previous marriage; Preston Jones and Stephen Jones.

However, her sexual encounter with former president Bill Clinton was what got Paula famous. During their interaction in Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock, she made claims that former U.S. president Bill Clinton had made several unwanted sexual advances and exposed himself to her.

According to Paula, about six minutes into their meeting, Bill sat down next to her. He unbuckled his pants and let them fall to his ankles. After that, he leaned back and fondled his private part with one or both hands.

Later on, Bill told her to “kiss it”.

According to Paula, when she expressed shock and disgust, Bill stopped and told her, “Well, I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to do.” Paula stood up and announced, “I’m not that kind of girl.” On her way out, Clinton stopped her at the door and admonished: “You’re a smart girl, let’s keep this between ourselves.”

Then, allegedly, came threats and intimidation, and reassignment as retribution for refusing Bill Clinton.

Steven Mark McFadden Age

Steven March McFadden, who was age 59 (as of Septmeber 2021), shared very little information regarding the date of his birth unlike his wife Paula Jones who was born on 16 September 1966 in Lonoke, Arkansas.

His Height

Steven Mark McFadden should stand above the height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters). However, the precise measurements are not known yet.

Steven Mark McFadden Family

Hailing from a hometown in Arkansas, Steven Mark McFadden has lived in different places throughout his life. Cabot, Arkansas, Little Rock, Arkansas, and Austin, Arkansas is among the places he has lived over the years.

When it comes to public appearance, Steven is a ghost. Even though he has a wife who occasionally made headlines because of the relationship with a high-profile sexual lawsuit, he never cared one bit about tagging along and getting public recognition.

So, along with Steven’s identity, information related to his family remains a mystery. However, we’ve discovered a few people related to him and it allegedly includes his parents, siblings, and other family members. They are Anita L McFadden, Bruce L McFadden,

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His Instagram, Facebook

Whether Instagram or Facebook, Steven Mark McFadden is aloof in any of the social media platforms. This suggests his aforementioned private nature and his intention to remain away from the public eyes.

Steven Mark McFadden Job, Net Worth

Back when Steven Mark McFadden married Paula Jones, he was working for a construction equipment company. Since Steven stayed mostly away from the public radar, it proved impossible to get updates on his life and career.

Hence, whether Steven is still employed in the same company, or worked somewhere else, or even retired, it all remains obscure. But, he is assumed to have at least a net worth of $200 thousand.

To talk a little bit about his wife, in 1991, Paula served took the role of state employee making $6.35 an hour.

After the alleged sexual misconduct, Paula filed a lawsuit against Bill Clinton for sexual harassment which lingered for five-long-years. Then, the anti-Clinton conservatives took it as an opportunity to take down Bill. The lawsuit ended with Clinton handing over a sum of $850,000 for the settlement.

The end of the lawsuit cleared him of the impeachment fight that the case had triggered. Even after paying the settlement sum, he never accepted that he did it.

Paula also faced allegations that she did it for the money and recognition because Bill Clinton always stood firm claiming that he doesn’t even remember meeting her. In response, Paula always made it clear that it was never about the money or the recognition.

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