Michelle Buteau is an American actor, stand-up comedian, and podcast host. Among her varied work, she is mostly known for hosting the popular podcast, Late Night Whenever!

For years, Michelle has been the household name in the industry. And every time she did big/small roles, people not just adored her work on screen, but also got curious, more than before, about her personal life.

Fans wanted to know about the man behind her success, who goes around with the full name, Gijs van der Most.

Some of us must find the name “Gijs” unusual. But then it’s not just us. Gijs writes on his website that often people find it “challenging” to pronounce his name. “Most get away with making it sound like Hice”, he said.

Here’s everything you need to know about him.

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Gijs Van Der Most Wiki — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Gijs Van Der Most grew up celebrating his birthday every year on the 16th of September. And, this makes him a Virgo.

For now, his precise age was not discovered. However, the fact that he is in his 40s could not go unnoticed.

It seemed as if Gijs and especially his partner Michelle are big on birthdays. With great pleasure, Michelle flaunted her man on her Instagram during one of his birthdays. “happy birthday to the best life partner my freckled face could ever ask for. the world is hella better with you in it Gijs aka b-o-b 💓”, she had beautifully composed words for him.

Biography — Early Life, Family, Nationality

Looks like Gijs Van Der Most comes all the way from some part of the Netherlands. Because his nationality is Dutch and not American as his partner.

And it must be a beautiful story that brought these two people, from different parts of the globe, together.

Meanwhile, at the time of this writing, Gijs’s family background and early life remained undisclosed.

Gijs Van Der Most Height, Weight

Gijs Van Der Most stands around 5 feet and 11 inches in height. Also, most lately, his weight was listed around 83 Kgs or 183 lbs.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

On Instagram, his handle with the name VAN DER MOST MODERN boasted 13.8K followers (until 1st October in 2020). The profile appears to be mostly professional; so much like a furniture online store. On it, he put on sale the most beautiful home decors from the store he co-founded with Michelle.

It is a mid-century modern furniture store, based in Brooklyn and is named van der Most Modern.

While on Twitter, Gijs had what they say a very general fan-following, and his Facebook profile (if he had one) was not found.

Gijs Van Der Most Job, Net Worth, Career

As a national of the country with the best work-life balance, Gijs Van Der Most might as well have one or two tips and tricks to share on the topic.

Gijs, besides selling furniture also happens to be a professional photographer. Notably, he has worked for publications/clients including Esquire, Men’s Health, People, among others. This very works, he has demonstrated on his website: Also, there, he writes that he studied lots of fancy photography stuff at The Utrecht School for Arts (HKU) in The Netherlands.

His works have been featured on the famous LPV magazine, Mossless, and File-Magazine.

After working many years in Amsterdam, Gijs said he is currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

He describes his photography to have driven from a genuine interest in people and their environment. Years of experience later, Gijs said he still finds it challenging to capture a special and unique moment from an ordinary situation.

This way, Gijs Van Der Most had presumably pulled in almost $1 million, as we write this.

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Gijs Van Der Most & Michelle Buteau: Dating, Wedding, Kids

After dating for two years and having a long-distance relationship, Gijs and Michelle Buteau got married on July 31 in 2010.


Gijs Van Der Most and Michelle Buteau celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary! (PIC: Michelle’s IG)

Lately, on 1st August in 2020, they celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. On the Occasion, Michelle shared a rare wedding picture of them, on her social media and captioned:

“Today makes 10 years ✨ if I knew then what I know now, I’d still do that shit. Love is everythang y’all ✨”

Together, Gijs and Michelle are the most loving and caring parents to their twins, Hazel and Otis van der Most, born in January 2019.

Although the journey thus was surely not an easy one.

They tried having kids for a year, but it was not successful for them. Michelle then went to see a doctor and was then diagnosed with prolactinoma. This meant, she had high levels of the hormone that impacts breast milk and can cause infertility.

Next, they kept trying for another year and went through a couple of rounds of IVF, and had four miscarriages. “I felt like I was being punished for wanting a baby…I was 36 then”, Michelle even today recalls the saddening phase of her life.

Finally, the two found a surrogate who successfully gave birth to their twins. And, now they are the happiest family of four, living in the Bronx.

Not long ago, during home quarantine with her family amid the pandemic, Michelle said that she would not want to change anything in her life now, no matter how handy her curly-haired boys are.


Twins- Hazel and Otis van der Most (PIC: Michelle’s IG)

She wrote, on her Instagram post with the twins facing opposite to the camera-

“I see so much poop before 10am that’s not mine, wouldn’t change it for anything.”

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