If you want a peek into the great American decadence, Netflix‘s new show Million Dollar Beach House might be the one for you. Luxurious houses, beaches, pools, parties, high words about inspirations, and reality TV drama, you will see all of that through the eyes of five brokers of Hamptons.

In this article, we will focus on one of the five high profile brokers of Million Dollar Beach House, Noel Roberts, and provide you with the information about him, to ready you for the premiere of the series on 26 August.

Noel Roberts Net Worth, Education, Career

Noel Roberts is a real estate agent dealing with the expensive and luxurious properties in The Hamptons, a series of villages in the eastern part of Long Island, New York.

He first came to The Hamptons in what people call a working holiday for just six months. That was 2016. But the beauty and luxury of The Hamptons sucked him in and he just could not leave. Soon the six months turned a year, then four years. With 2020, came a reality show offer that would pay him for doing in front of the camera what he had always done.

In 2019, Noel launched Hamptons Private Client, a website ( for sellers and buyers of high-end properties of The Hamptons. The website focussed on ensuring the privacy of the buyers and sellers.

Before arriving at The Hamptons, Noel lived in Manhattan but did work with financing and development of properties in The Hamptons.

When it came to his education, his LinkedIn profile was also not informative. The information regarding his net worth was also hidden. However, based on different sources we estimated Noel Roberts’s net worth to be around $3 million.

Between May 2009 and Dec 2014, Noel worked as Empire Real Estate LLC’s principal. In Dec 2016, he joined Hamptons Real Estate Partners LLC, only to exit in Jan 2019.

Noel, in Jan 2018, founded Hamptons Spectator. 4 months later, he began serving as the founder and licensed salesperson of Private Client by Nest Seekers.

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Noel Roberts Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Not very surprisingly, there was very little information about Noel Roberts’s early life. His exact birthday, the names of his parents, his hometown were more or less unknown. Except that he was born in an African American family.

He did have one sibling, though, a twin brother named Joel Roberts. From what we could gather from his IG @joelxroberts, he worked as a model in Asia.

Noel Roberts Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Again, based on some sources we estimated that Noel’s age must be in the 30s. The primary hint was on the description of Million Dollar Beach House, which was described as the show about young real-estate agents of The Hamptons.

Likewise, Noel kept his birthday and zodiac hidden.

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Noel Roberts Wife, Married, Kids

What about his marital status? Well, one thing we did know was that Noel Roberts was indeed married. The name of his wife, however, evaded us, and so did the name of his kids. Talking about his kids, Noel had two daughters, both of them little girls aged still in single figures.

One thing, however, we could speculate about Noel’s wife. Most probably, she belonged to the white Caucasian ethnicity. His brother-in-law was the one who got him into the real estate business and his brother-in-law looked like a white Caucasian from his complexion.

Also, there was no information regarding how long Noel had been married. Or when they got married. Or when they had their kids.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Noel Roberts stood at a height of 5 ft 10 inches and had a weight of 78 kgs (during August of 2020). Likewise, Noel owned a very dark complexion, a thin oval face, and handsomely pronounced cheekbones.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

Noel sure enough rolled in the big money and his connections were also very significant. However, his connections were important in terms of their quality than quantity. Meaning, Noel probably knew high-class people even though he might not have that big of a fan following.

On Twitter, he had the meager following of about 4k people [as of Aug 2020]. On twitter, he enjoyed a much larger following of 17.2k, but still nowhere near other TV celebrities

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