It has been long since The Flash fans last saw Rainbow Raider aka Roy G. Bivolo on-screen; Actor Paul Anthony played the role of Roy in early episodes of the show. In June 2021, fans were taken by surprise when they saw the return of the supervillain in the recent episode of the American superhero TV drama–only this time around it was not Roy G. Bivolo as Rainbow Raider but instead it was Carrie Bates, named after the character’s creator.

Jona Xiao played the role of Carrie Bates in the June 2021 episodes of The Flash Season 7.

Learn about the actress in this Jona Xiao wiki. Also, get insights into her age and boyfriend information.

Jona Xiao Age, Birthday

Jona Xiao was born in the year 1989 and was 32 years of age up until June 2021. She celebrates her birthday on the 18th of May every year. Going by her May 18th birthday, her zodiac sign should be Taurus.

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Jona Xiao Parents, Siblings

She was born to her parents in her hometown in Changsha, China as Qiaona Xiao. Jona, the daughter of two rural farm workers, basically spent the major chunk of her childhood in a trailer park.

However, she moved to St. Louis, Missouri with her family as an infant and was brought up there. Since many people had problems pronouncing her first name, she changed her name to Jona.

As one of fewer people of Chinese-American ethnicity in her school, Jona had to listen to racial slurs like ‘chink’ and ‘yellow’.

Jona is very close to her parents. On November 28, 2014, she uploaded a picture with her mom and expressed her gratitude for finally getting to spend some time with her family. A year later, she again featured her parents in her IG handle.

Jona has at least one sibling, a brother, in her family. On October 27, 2019, she uploaded tons of pictures from her brother’s marriage.

Did You Know?: Jona’s father was one of the five people to receive a scholarship to the prestigious Cornell University, which eventually led them to move to the US.

Her Height, Measurements

Jona Xiaostands short at a height of 5 feet 3 inches and weighs no more than 50 kilograms. Her distinctive physical features would be her brown hair and near-perfect body measurements.

In her college days, Jona faced major health problems. She developed eating disorders, bulimia, as well as gambling addiction problems. Due to all these issues, Jona started going through depression and body image issues. Later, she embraced NLP (full form Neuro-linguistic programming) as a form of psychotherapy to deal with the issues.

Her Instagram, Facebook

As of June 2021, Jona was available on almost every major social media platform, which includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She has a decent reach on those platforms.

Jona had almost 90 thousand followers on her Instagram handle, 4.2 thousand followers on Facebook, and 3.3 thousand followers on Twitter.

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Jona Xiao Net Worth

As of 2021, Jona Xiao’s net worth was estimated to be around $400 thousand.

Jona had the first experience of acting in her middle school in the production of “Rappingstiltskin”. She loved making people laugh, think, and feel through her acting and it was at that time she dreamed of becoming an actress.

However, the journey was not so easy for her. Her father opposed her in her decision. Her dream even caused some rifts with her parents.

For education, Jona went to the University of Southern California–Marshall School of Business and studied Business Administration, Cinematic Arts, and Theatre there.

Her acting career began in 2007 with the movie called Alice Upside Down. In 2021, Jona voiced the character young Namari in the Disney movie Raya and the Last Dragon.

Jona’s first TV role came in 2009 in the TV show The Forgotten. Aside from appearing in the episodes of The Flash, Jona has appeared in TV shows like Victorious, 2 Broke Girls, Kroll Show, Bones, Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless, and Resident Evil: Infinite Dark.

Besides acting, Jona is the CEO/Founder of an online dating site PlayDate, CEO at Career ACTivate, Inc., Associate Producer at World’s Fair Pictures, among others.

What’s more, Jona was an excellent Lacrosse player in her high school. She also played football really well. Jona was a quarterback on the National US Women’s flag football prelim roster.

Jona Xiao Husband, Boyfriend 

In case you were wondering if Jona Xiao is, she was committed to someone as of June 2021. Her boyfriend’s name is Michael Tanizaki Kurland and he writes for TV.

Michael’s LinkedIn profile reveals that Michael is a Graduation and Retention Specialist, who is now focusing on using technology to help students achieve their goals. Furthermore, we also know that he is a member of CEOSpace. As a writer, Michael was the Golden Ace Award winner at the Las Vegas Film Festival and Gold Kahuna Award Winner at the Honolulu Film Awards.

Although Jona and Michael went to the same college, the University of Southern California, they did not meet there. They actually met at a dodgeball game in 2012.

In a Facebook post in July 2019, Jona had revealed that she asked Michael to be her boyfriend later in 2012 even though Michael was interested in her first.

Michael first appeared on Jona’s socials on May 18, 2017. Though the pair are believed to have been engaged, neither one of them has ever shed any light on engagement details.


Jona and her boyfriend Michael enjoying their time together.

The pair even celebrated 7 years of togetherness on 2020’s Valentine’s Day. Jona uploaded a cute upside-down picture of them on her Instagram handle and wished themselves on the occasion.

As of June 2021, it looked like the pair were not in any rush for the wedding. So, it would definitely be some time before Jona Xiao will be calling Michael Tanizaki her “husband.”

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