To say Ross and Rachel as one of the most iconic couples in TV history would not be an overstatement. But before their on-and-off relationship got together, Ross was involved in many failed relationships–and some divorces too.

But, obviously, that was in a TV show and you would think that would not be the case in real life. That’s where Game of Thrones star Sean Bean’s personal life comes into the picture to surprise you as his life is not too far compared to Ross’s.

Sean Bean, who was 62 years old in 2021, has already been divorced four times. And while the rapport with his current wife Ashley Moore is fine, some serious incidents have happened in the past that could make you think if the 5th divorce is impending for Sean Bean.

Get to know every detail about Ashley and Sean’s relationship in this Ashley Moore wiki. Also, learn about Ashley’s age, family info, and net worth.

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Ashley Moore Age

Ashley Moore was reportedly born in the year 1983, which means she was 37 years of age in June 2021. She celebrates her birthday on the 12th of November every year. Going by Ashley’s birthdate, her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Her Family, Hometown

Ashley Moore was born and brought up in her hometown in South Shields. However, for a long time, she has been living in Camden Town.

Ashley is close to her family and loves them more than anything. Ashley’s brother Daryl is also from the entertainment business and works as a director.

Ashley Moore Height

Ashley Moore stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs no more than 65 kilograms. Furthermore, her distinctive physical characteristics would be her brown eyes and natural blonde hair.

Her Instagram, Facebook

As of June 2021, Ashley Moore was available on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and had a decent social media reach. She had 11.1 thousand followers on Instagram and 721 followers on Twitter.

Ashley Moore Job.

While we know that Ashley Moore does acting/performing for a job, we don’t have any details about her job as of June 2021.

A glance through her Instagram handle also reveals that Ashley is a big fan of music. She has posted pictures from meeting legends like Michael Jackson and Slash.

As of June 2021, we had no idea about Ashley’s net worth. Sean’s net worth, however, was almost $20 million.

For education, Ashley went to Sylvia Young Theatre School. She studied drama and acting there and graduated in 1994

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Ashley Moore And Sean Bean: Wedding, Baby

Ashley Moore first met The Lord of the Rings trilogy actor accidentally in a North London Pub. Talking with the Daily Mail in February 2019, Sean also admitted that it was purely a ‘chance meeting.’

That night, Ashley was with her friends in Belize Park bar The Cobden Arms and Sean was with one of his friends. Sean also revealed that he used to frequent the pub, but that was the first night he had noticed Ashley. The pair pretty much hit it off and began dating.

The pair reportedly got engaged in December 2014. The proposal came from the side of Sean, who after his fourth divorce had stated he was not going to tie the wedding knot again.

His exact words were “Of course I believe in love despite four divorces. There is nobody who doesn’t believe in love. But marriage – that fits some people but obviously not me.”


Sean and Ashley tie the wedding knot on June 20, 2017.

The adorable duo took their relationship to a next level by tying the wedding knot in a ceremony held in Dorset on June 20, 2017. Sean shared this happy news on his Instagram by uploading a picture of their wedding.

Talking to the Daily Mail a month before the marriage, Sean gushed about Ashley. He told, “I wasn’t planning on getting married again. But then I wasn’t planning on meeting someone as amazing as Ashley. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.”

In February 2019, Sean revealed that he was ready for baby with Ashley. Sean, who already has three kids (all daughters) from his previous marriage, opened up about the prospect of having some children with his new wife.

However, as of June 2021, the couple had not shared any news of the upcoming baby.

Coming to the pair’s dating history, we all know that Sean has married five times, counting the one with Ashley. We don’t know about any of Ashley’s relationships before her marriage to Sean.

Sean’s first wife was his school sweetheart Debra James. The pair married on April 11, 1981, and got divorced in 1988. His next wife was actress Melanie Hill. The pair got married on February 27, 1990, and had their first and second child (both baby daughters) in October 1987 and September 1991 respectively. Sean divorced Melanie in August 1997.

Sean’s third wife was actress Abigail Cruttenden whom he met on the set of Sharpe. They got married on November 22, 1997, and had their first baby daughter–third overall for Sean–in November 1998. Their marriage ended in divorce in July 2000. His fourth wife was actress Georgina Sutcliffe–married on February 19, 2009, at Marylebone Town Hall and divorced on August 6, 2010.

Divorce Looming?

Overall, Ashley Moore and Sean Bean have had a great time since their marriage. However, in March 2020, the award-winning actor had an uncomfortable row with his wife which made many people wonder if the 5th divorce is looming.

While Sean and Ashley were traveling from Vancouver to Heathrow, the Game of Thrones actor threw a glass at Ashley an insider claimed. Though Sean’s representative clarified that what happened there was just argument and no violence, some eyewitnesses claim to have seen Sean hurl his glass at Ashley after she poured a glass of white wine into his lap.

Given that it has been more than a year since the incident and nothing close to divorce has been in the headlines, the pair surely have worked out on that issue and many others to ensure a safe and sound relationship.

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