Just when Return To Amish came with an episode that showed Rosanna Miller going on her first date with Nick since leaving her Amish life, she revealed being in a new relationship with the one Johnny Detweiler a day before. So, fans were looking to find out more about both Nick and Johnny Detweiler.

This Johnny Detweiler bio addresses both relationships along with details about his age, job, and Instagram. So, scroll down to learn more about Rosanna Miller’s boyfriend.

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Johnny Detweiler Age

Johnny Detweiler was reportedly 18 years old at the time of penning this article on 5 May 2021. While maintaining a lowkey profile, he didn’t want much attention from the outside world. This may be one of the reasons, why Johnny hasn’t shared anything regarding his birthday and zodiac.

Johnny Detweiler Hometown, Is He Amish?

Johnny Detweiler was born to his anonymous parents in Pennsylvania, the United States. He hailed from his hometown of Smock, Pennsylvania. He kept his lips sealed when it comes to details about his mom and dad.

The Smock-native apparently has at least one sibling; his brother Emanuel Detweiler. Emanuel lived in Mansfield, Ohio, and attended Penn Foster College & University. Also, he previously worked at Hostetler’s Construction but quit his job to start his own business.

According to Johnny’s Facebook account, he attended Amish Private School. This meant that he was an ex-member of the Amish community but allegedly escaped that lifestyle to live like the people outside of the community.

His Height

A few inches taller than his girlfriend, Johny Detweiler stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9.5 inches (1.76 meters). With his lanky body type, he weighed about 57 kilograms (125 lbs).

Johnny has a ginger hair and beard combo, which also happens to be his distinct features.

His Instagram, Facebook

Coming to his social media reach, Johnny Detweiler owned two Facebook account. One of his Facebook hasn’t been updated since June of 2019. Whereas, the other Facebook account was last updated on 18 April 2021.

The other social media of Johnny Detweiler is his Instagram, @john81677 where he has 569 followers as of May 2021. He posted 129 times on that platform.

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Johnny Detweiler Job

Before his relationship with Rosanna, not much was known about Johnny as he never was in the limelight before that. Like an average man living an average life, he never dreamt about being in public attention.

Allegedly, Johnny was also a member of the Amish community who lived a life, unlike the English world. They were recognized as the hard-working people in the world. Living in his hometown, he started working for Ex Amish Metal Roofing in April of 2019.

All of the work of Johnny Detweiler has been documented in his IG. Most of his work is based in part of Pennsylvania. He showed his professionalism working building metal roofs for other Pennsylvania residents.

His job also included building wooden sheds, fences, and garages.

According to, roofer/laborer worked $18.84 per hour. The average worker earned $43,000 per year. This contributed to his burgeoning net worth of under $100 thousand.

While not busy with his roofing job, Johnny loves fishing and dirt-biking.

In May 2021, Johnny Detweiler came under the attention of fans of TLC’s reality show Return to Amish. After going public with the relationship on social media, he turned heads.

Johnny Detweiler And Rosanna Miller: Dating, Engaged

In the show, Rosanna Miller was out to find the love of her life since she left the Amish community and started living the English life. She met a guy named Nick, an English man who took her on her first date.

With her Amish lifestyle days behind her, Johnny Detweiler’s girlfriend Rosanna Miller was out with a man she met Nick at a trampoline park. On the first date, she wore a traditional Amish dress and Nick took her to play miniature golf.

Unacquainted with the game, Nick guided her to from as basic as how to hold the golf club. He was a gentleman enough to compliment her for the efforts she demonstrated. He lost the game for the sake of love.

Not only that, but Johnny asked if he could kiss her at the end of the date, a gentleman indeed.

But to everyone’s surprise, Rosanna revealed Nick isn’t the man for her.


Rosanna and her boyfriend Johnny together in March of 2021 (Pic: Johnny’s Facebook)

Matter of fact, Rosanna revealed that she was in a relationship with Pennsylvania native Johnny Detweiler. She updated being in a relationship with him on 3 May 2021 on her Facebook, a day before the airing of the episode.

Rosanna posted pictures of the two side by side. The post was filled with comments where her friends and fans congratulated her for her new relationship.

Whereas, Johnny had posted the same bathroom stall picture taken with his girlfriend in March of 2021. This meant they were dating at least since March of 2021.

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