Multitasking in the world full of multitaskers, and standing rare in the task, might get edgy at times. But not much for the stand-up comedian, writer, performer, and RJ Jimmy Dore, for the effortless he makes it seem.

Jimmy is mostly famous for his outstanding performances for the American channel ‘Comedy Central’. Besides, his latest eminent work in the Amazon show, ‘Sentenced To Live’ has set his footmarks in OTT platforms as well.

In the piece, discover more about Jimmy Dore including his wife, net worth, and kids!

Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Jimmy Dore celebrated his 55th birthday in 2020. The Leo Zodiac comedian was born on 26th July 1965. It might be the gape of his energy that makes Jimmy look far younger than his actual age.

Jimmy Dore Parents, Siblings, Family

Jimmy Dore was born in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up in a family of 14 alongside his 11 siblings. His parents of Polish and Irish descent raised Jimmy as a Catholic child.

Although Jimmy remained open about his joyous childhood with his siblings, he had publicly not spoken much about his relationship with his parents. However, times and again, he mentioned that his mom and dad were the ones to push him towards comedy ever since childhood.

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Jimmy Dore Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Jimmy Dore is supposedly 5 feet 9 inches in height while his weight is believed to be over 81 kgs. The man in the mid-50s wins millions of hearts with not just his bodily distinct features but also his distinctive nature of comedy.

Jimmy’s luck always favored his dedication. Thus, this self-discovered, self-grown comedian never looked back in his uprising career.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB, YouTube

Fame today comes with a baggage of social media following. Higher the following, the higher a celebrity is considered famous.

Jimmy is undoubtedly a renowned man with more than 802K YouTube subscribers and millions of views on his channel The Jimmy Dore Show.  By Sept 2020, he appeared quite active in Twitter as well with the following exceeding 223K.

Although Jimmy had not been able to get some remarkable following on Instagram, his 11.5K IG followers, as well as thousands of FB followers, seem to be very loyal to him and his shows.

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Jimmy Dore Net Worth, Career, Leaves TYT

Soon after his graduation in Marketing Communications from Columbia College Chicago, Jimmy started bestowing his magic in the world of comedy. He had already begun performing in 1989, a year after his graduation in 1988.

Jimmy’s early struggle reaped him fame and established him as a unique, excellent stand-up comedian in no time. He soon started getting new chances and appearing in many famous shows such as The Marijuana-Logues, Super High Me, the podcast Comedy And Everything Else, and many more.

In the year 2009, Jimmy started as a producer for his new show The Jimmy Dore Show. The Jimmy Dore Show started as a one-hour radio show in Pacifica Radio Network. It also aired online on The Young Turks (TYT) Network YouTube channel for ten years from 2009. Jimmy’s career glorified from 2009 to 2019 in TYT. He mentioned that he was thankful to the whole team as the place widened his opportunities to meet new people, set his hands in politics as he was one of the members from TYT to cover the Bernie Sanders movement. Thus, the news ‘Jimmy Dore Leaves TYT’ came with a shock to people. There were many rumors of him getting fired from the network, however, Jimmy soon cleared things up in The Jimmy Dore Show YouTube Channel. Hence, as of 2020, Jimmy was working individually for his show The Jimmy Dore Show.

His long career in the field of comedy, politics, writing had not only gained Jimmy Dore fame but a corresponding net worth of over $1 million.

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Jimmy Dore Wife, Kids, Married

Jimmy has an image of an outspoken, honest host, performer, comedian, podcaster, as well as a writer. Although his on-air, on-camera life is a completely familiar matter to his audiences, his personal life is quite a concealed one.

Jimmy Dore got married to Stef Zamorano, an actress-comedian famous for her works in Chump Change, Rennie’s Landing, and First Nations Comedy Experience. Jimmy’s wife is also his co-producer for The Jimmy Dore Show.


Jimmy Dore enjoys Capri holiday with his wife, Stef Zamorano (Pic: Stef’s Twitter)

Stef also worked as an English teacher at Crescenta Vally High School for about two decades. She once mentioned in her blog post that teaching is a fulfilling experience and she feels satisfied preparing lessons for kids that help them to socialize.

Although Jimmy’s wife’s blog posts make it clear that she is fond of kids. The memories of her childhood and the experiences of being with children have surely brewed freshness of that innocence in her. Whatsoever, there has been no factual information regarding Jimmy and Stef’s kids on any public platform.

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