The son of David Zwirner and grandson of Rudolf, Lucas Zwirner is the heir of David Zwirner Books. Since he was raised into a family of such legacy with all the merits and art world pedigree, Lucas followed his dad and granddad’s path.

However, carrying such a legacy is not a small deal as it comes with serious expectations and a burden of scrutiny. Lucas, however, carried it very well and worked very hard to earn his stripe.

Circa 2019, Lucas recently caught media attention due to his relationship with movie actress Sienna Miller.

If you are trying to not only find about Lucas’s professional but also his personal life, this is the correct platform. Stick till the end and learn everything wiki about Lucas Zwirner.

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Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Lucas Zwirner first came into this world in the year 1991. Therefore, he was at the age of 29 as of this writing (Nov 2020). He holds Capricon as his zodiac sign while celebrating his birthday on 10th December.

Lucas fits really into his birth sign as he is very ambitious, persistent, realistic, sensitive, and practical.

Lucas Zwirner Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

His parents David Zwirner and Monica Seeman raised Lucas Zwirner alongside his two siblings Marlene And Johanna.

Lucas’s father David is one of the most successful dealers with galleries in New York, one in London and Hong Kong.

David achieved his education from New York University (NYU) and later returned to Germany and worked in Hamburg in A&R for an affiliate of PolyGram record label. Soon, he moved back to the US and began working with art dealer Brooke Alexander at Brooke Alexander Gallery. And like most of the people know, David began making a rise and rise in his career.

As for Lucas’s mother, Monica is an MZ Wallace co-founder and designer.

Lucas’s parents first crossed their path on the regular street. From the start, it seemed they were destined to be together forever.

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Lucas Zwirner Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Lucas does not only holds the title of the David Zwirner heir but also posses beautiful physical features.

Standing at a very impressive height of six feet three inches (1.90 meters), Lucas Zwirner weighs 81 kilograms. Although he does not have a social media account, Lucas can be seen posing in magazines where he looks totally a gentleman with his charming smile.

Such features might have stolen the heart of Sienna (five feet five inches). The couple possessed a huge height difference but still looked adorable together.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

While searching for information about celebrities, social media is the first thing he/she rushes to. To those curious about Lucas’s day to day life via social media: Due to his busy schedule, he might not have gotten time to be active on those platforms.

For instance, as of 2020, Lucas was absent from Instagram, Twitter, as well as Facebook. But people continually hoped he would one day maintain a respectable online presence.

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Lucas Zwirner Net Worth, Job, Education

Lucas, a Yale University-educated literature aficionado, made his career in philosophy. Along with his team and artists, he worked on various editorial ventures focusing more on extending projects.

As an editorial director, Lucas released 25 books in 2018 and one of his favorite projects was a series of pocket readers (the ekphrasis series).

Some of his book releases are Re-reading Pettibon’s Twitter, What It Means To Write About Art, amongst others. Although he came from a wealthy family, Lucas Zwirner made his own income. Plus, his net worth is estimated at over $10 million.

Meanwhile, his father David Zwirner built $35 million worth of real estate in Chelsea and also opened other six galleries. Moreover, in 2018, he was also reported to sell 1,400 work of arts worth over $500 million.

Lucas Zwirner & Sienna Miller: Dating, Engaged, Split

In late-Aug 2020, major publications reported Lucas Zwirner had split from his fiancee Sienna Miller.

Sienna is a British-American actress best known for movies like  Factory Girl, Stardust, American Sniper, Layer Cake, Foxcatcher, and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

The couple has almost ten years of age difference. They first started dating in 2018 and were first spotted at a party packing in PDA. As a pair, Lucas and Sienna attended Ellie Goulding’s wedding and 72nd annual Writers Guild Awards in New York City.

Lucas and Sienna got engaged circa January 2020, just after a year of dating. The engagement arrived weeks after their relationship’s roughest path.

To those unknown, Sienna previously dated her co-star Jude Law and Tom Sturridge. With Tom, she welcomed a daughter Marlowe in 2012 but the couple ended their relationship in 2015.


Lucas Zwimer walking hand in hand with Sienna Miller circa before Sept 2020 (Pic – Daily Mail)

Lucas Zwimer Maya Hawk, Girlfriend, Dating

In November 2020, paparazzi spotted Lucas Zwimer with Maya Hawk. Soon rumors began that the daughter of Ethan Hawk and Uma Thurman was Lucas’s girlfriend.

Silencing the gossip, sources close to Lucas and Maya quickly shot down the dating rumors.

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