90 Day Fiance‘s Stephanie Davison ended her thing with Ryan Carr from Belize. But, immediately jumped into another relationship with Ryan’s cousin, Harris Flowers. One of the reasons Stephanie ignited a passionate relationship with him to show Ryan how a lady should be treated.

However, Harris Flowers was assumed to have a wife. So, scroll down as we address all of the information on this Harris Flowers Wiki.

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Harris Flowers [90 Day Fiance] Age

Harris Flowers from 90 Day Fiance shared almost no information, but going by his looks, he has to be in his mid-’30s. All because there existed no information regarding his birthday, precise information on his age and his zodiac sign remain a mystery.

However, his baby mama wished him a happy birthday on 29 September which made Harris a Libra by zodiac sign.

How Is He Related To Ryan Carr?

As reported on several entertainment news outlets, Harris Flowers is one of the cousins of Stephanie Davison’s ex-lover, Ryan Carr. Given that the two have different last names, their fathers might not be related.

Harris Flowers was born to his father Lismour Flowers Sr and his anonymous mother. On 12 May 2017, he took to his Facebook to announce his father’s 60th birthday. He cited Lismour to be the hardest working individual in the family. And siblings that he has in Belize, remain away from public knowledge.

Harris Flowers [90 Day Fiance] Instagram, Facebook

Harris Flowers own a total of three profiles on Facebook. In one profile he is linked with 471 people. He hasn’t posted anything on the platform since 2017. Likewise, his other profile earned 125 followers. He hasn’t been active on the platform since December of 2018.

On the other hand, Harris’s other Facebook profile garnered 136 followers earned 136 followers. Whereas, he was nowhere to be found on Twitter and Instagram.

How Tall Is He?

Stephanie Davis’s partner Harris Flowers stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters). He has little scars on which face and has a well-trimmed mustache and beard combo. Moreover, he weighed almost 78 kilograms (171 lbs).

Harris Flowers [90 Day Fiance] Job

Like Harris’s cousin Ryan Carr, for whom fishing was just a hobby, Harris pursued fishing as a job. Living in the Caribbean region, Harris also loved enjoying time at the beach but most importantly fishing.

But Harris never openly shared the job which he did to make a living. No matter the type of job Harris worked on he provided for his family and his kids no matter what.

But when 90 Day Fiance got hold of the story of Stephanie Davison, an American native, who went to Belize for vacation and fell for Ryan Carr. But, when Stephanie chose Harris over Ryan, he starred in 90 Day Bares All.

Furthermore, Harris Flowers has a total of $100 thousand in net worth.

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Are Harris Flowers [90 Day Fiance] And Stephanie Still Together?

After Stephanie separated from her previous lover Ryan Carr, Harris was brought into the scene. However, he was only able to afford a $15 wine to make her happy. Even though, Harris declared his love for her Stephanie wasn’t sure he was 100% in.

Maria, a psychic also tried to draw information out of him which she thought he wasn’t honest about. She asked him about his “baby mother” and he started to sweat.

Harris got the opportunity to be on the show when Stephanie hooked up with him after a fight with Ryan. Though she kept it a secret at first, she spilled all of it to Ryan afterward. This caused a fight between Ryan and Harris.

Ryan went as far as blaming Harris that all that he wanted was Stephanie’s money from him.

However, 90 Day Fiance‘s fans on Reddit picked up a telltale sign about Harris’s baby mama. One of his Facebook sheltered information that he not only has a baby mother but they were married actually. Scroll down as we unfold details on his baby mama.

Harris Flowers [90 Day Fiance] Baby Mama

Among several lies Harris Flowers told on the show, having a “baby mama” has to be one of the biggest. As fans picked up, he is not only sharing kids with a baby mother but allegedly married to one.

Harris Flowers has a baby mama named Emma Bol back home. As Harris self-revealed, he has been with his baby mama for 14 years. They have at least four kids together as “husband” and “wife.” They have three sons and a daughter named Geraldine Flowers.

In fact, Emma is a good citizen of Belize and a great mother. She inspired and had her kids pursuing education. Not only that but even she appears seems highly educated and socially active.

She worked along with Rotary for the betterment of Belize people. She also worked towards the upliftment of women in her community collaborating with women from her community.

Harris and his Baby Mama, Emma appeared together the last time on 25 November of 2019.

So processing all of it together, fans on Reddit assumed that even Harris’s “baby mama” was in it too. But, most fans perceived her as a genuine lady who was socially active.

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