Malki Means King took social media by storm in 2021. Sporting diamond grill, wads of cash, chains, gilded crown, and blinged up shades, he drew the internet’s attention.

In this Malki Means King wiki, we aim to reveal the IG & TikTok star’s wife, net worth, and ethnicity. Likewise, it attempts to uncover his age, real name, and more.

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Malki Means King Age

On 28th January 2021, Malki Means King turned 35 years old. What’s more, courtesy of his birthday (28/01), he is an Aquarius.

Instagramming from the Tops Restaurant & Coffee Shop on his 35th birthday, Malki’s wife shared a photo of her kissing him. She captioned the post with the words— “I love this #king forever!! Thank you so much for taking me out for my #birthday! He’s my 🌍, my everything!! #relationshipgoals #love #loveyou #us #myworld #mylife #valentines #date #❤ #happybirthday #happy”

Malki Means King Real Name

Malki Means King is a moniker that he adopted to gain infamy. His real name is Samuel Malki. In Arabic, “Malki” translates to “King”.

Malki Means King Ethnicity

Social media star Malki Means King owns a blend of different ethnicities including Lebanese, Welsh, and Italian.

Also, Malki hails from Berkeley, California. Thus, he grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Based on these facts, he is a born and bred American.

Names and Jobs about Malki’s family members remain a private affair. He rarely showed them off on Instagram and TikTok.

His Height

Looking at his photos on social media, Malki Means King appears a tall man. In figures, he should stand no less than 6 feet and 1 inch in height.

To list his distinct features, Malki has a hairy body and a big nose. Moreover, he prefers to keep his hair short. And no, Malki doesn’t have face tattoos. He may or may not have inked his body in the past.

His Social Media Reach

Until 6th April 2021, Malki entertained 46.1 thousand followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, over 3.9 thousand people followed his Twitter profile.

As for his Facebook, Malki had collected more than 7.6 thousand Facebook likes. Similarly, some 7.7 thousand Facebook users followed his official page.

Malki has an eponymous YouTube channel with 23 thousand subscribers. However, she enjoyed the most reach on TikTok at 4.2 million followers and 47.9 million likes.

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Malki Means King Net Worth

Malki Means King reportedly has a net worth of more than $400 thousand. The figure is a far cry from the fortune the rapper’s naive fans believe that he owns.

For every sponsored post on Instagram and TikTok, Malki allegedly earns $3 thousand and $300 respectively. The social media star, however, was yet to confirm the figures.

Also, Malki sells merch on his Bandcamp page. The items cost as high as $200 and as low as $10. Likewise, he has a section on his website where he sells beats.

Circa 2005, Malki began his career in the entertainment industry. From making Hip-Hop music to producing to working as a videographer, he started to do it all.

Following more than a decade into his music career, in 2017, Malki finally hit big after going viral with the single “Mansoion”. Two years later, he won the rap contest organized by the icon Hip-Hop radio station Hot 97.

More so than his music, Malki became an overnight sensation because of his “antics” on Instagram and TikTok. His persona online is a mere facade to attract eyes and ears. He even prefaces by writing “Videos Are Jokes” on his social media bio.

Available on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music, Malki’s music is surprisingly not bad. His songs aren’t any different from those released by his mainstream contemporaries.

Malki Means King Wife

In January 2011, Malki Means King married his now-wife, Lisa Atwan aka Little Lisa. In 2021, the couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. To mark the milestone, the rapper took to Instagram and wrote— “Happy 10th anniversary @little_lisa_415 ❤️ You’re the one goo 😍 I love u forever 😍”


Malki Means King with his wife, Lisa Atwan (Source: Instagram)

Funny enough, Malki tagged Lisa simply as his “GF” on his social media pages. Perhaps, the TikTok star didn’t want the female fans to know that he is a married man with a wife.

On 7th April, Lisa’s brother, Christopher Ghanem passed away. He was 44 years old. In the months that followers, Malki shared several posts remembering his brother-in-law who appeared in his music video for the song “Crazy”.

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