The wife of Jerry Falwell Jr., Becki Tilley Falwell made headlines because of the sex scandal with a pool attendant. The couple was accused of making an inappropriate offering. Ever since then, Becki became the center of attraction so here is a piece that touches on several aspects of her life.

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Becki Tilley Falwell Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Becki Tilley Falwell turned 54 years old in 2021. She and US President George Washington share the same birthday i.e. 22 February.

Furthermore, Becki Tilley owned Pisces as her zodiac sign.

Becki Tilley Falwell Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

Rebecca Tilley Falwell was born to her father Thomas E Tilley and her mother Iris Tiley.

Her father was a real estate agent who made millions from his business. In September of 2015, Thomas then-80 year old was charged with a sentence of 32 months in prison. He was involved in a scheme to evade paying his federal income taxes. Thomas was ordered to pay more than $7 million in restitution to the Internal Revenue Service.

In 2008, Thomas and his wife, Iris donated $250,000 for the construction of the student union from his father’s estate.

More on Becki’s family: Her paternal grandparents Brodie Tilley and Ruth Tilley passed away at the age of 99 and 97 in 2004 and 2002 in that respect.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Talking about social media reach, Becki Tilley Falwell has a Facebook where she hasn’t posted anything since November 2020. Furthermore, she also created a Twitter account with 1738 followers where she posted 1411 tweets.

In the same way, Becki Tilley is on Instagram with 10.8k followers as of April 2021.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Starting with physical attributes, Becki Tilley Falwell stands tall at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 meters). Moreover, she weighed about 64 kilograms (141 lbs).

Moreover, Becki has dark brown hair and brown eyes which were her distinct features.

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Becki Tilley Falwell Net Worth, Job, Career

Becki Tilley Falwell was born into wealth. So, she didn’t have to struggle to get by. Still, she held a few jobs in her time as an adult. Becki came from a family whose family tree had branches extended up to George Washington and Robert E Lee.

As her family donated to Liberty University, Becki also attended the university. But instead of earning a college degree, she was interested in the “MRS Degree.” She worked sometimes at Liberty.

And the time, Becki also did jobs at the Liberty University. Then, she also helped manage an upscale clothing shop in Riverfront. Otherwise, she didn’t need to get her a job provided she hailed from a millionaire family.

Meanwhile, Becki Tilley Falwell’s net worth was estimated to be about $1.5 million.

Becki Tilley Falwell And Jerry Falwell Jr Wife: Wedding, Kids

Becki Tielley Falwell met Jerry Falweell Jr. at the age of 13. But during Jerry Jr.’s second year in college where he was pursuing a law degree, they started dating. At the time, Becki was attending the University of Virginia.

The couple eventually married in 1987. Becki and Jerry went on to have three kids; Jerry Falewell III (Trey), Charles Wesley, and Caroline Grace.

Trey Falewell served as the vice-president of Liberty University’s operation. He was the co-owner of a Miami hostel at a center of an alleged blackmail scheme involving former pool attendant Giancarlo Granda. He married his wife Saray and had a daughter with her.

Even though Becki’s second son maintained a low profile, Charlie worked as a supervisor at LU Fabrication. He was married to his wife Laura and had a daughter with her named Virginia.

And last but not the least, Caroline Grace, got engaged to her boyfriend Coy Craft in Sunset Key, Fla. They even fixed the date of their wedding on 12 June 2012 in West Virginia. As for Caroline’s career, she worked as a freelance photographer and model.

About Becki Tilley Falwell Affair, Giancarlo Granda

As Giancarlo Granda reported, his affair with Becki Tilley started in 2012. The affair continued until 2018. This included the times when Giancarlo having intercourse with Becki while Jerry looked at them doing it. The couple had be-friended Giancarlo and went into business with him. They offered a share in Alton Hostel LLC as Giancarlo lived in Miami.

One of the text message which Giancarlo showed to Reuters read: “Right now I am just missing you like crazy …. Have you had this effect on all of your lady friends?”

Giancarlo Granda was 20 years old when he met Jerry and Becki as a pool attendant at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel in March of 2012. In the words of Giancarlo: “Becki and I developed an intimate relationship and Jerry enjoyed watching from the corner of the room”

However, the love triangle soured eventually and Giancarlo attempted to dismantle his relationship with the married couple. He even threatened Jerry to take a Kamikaze route in one of the texts that he sent.

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