Ethan Curtis is the son of the reality star Nicole Curtis. If you don’t know Nicole, she is the host of the HGTV show “Rehab Addict”.

Continue reading this Ethan Curtis wiki and read about his father, age, and girlfriend. Also, find out his net worth, job, and height.

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Ethan Curtis Age

An article published by Feb 2021 noted Ethan Curtis was 22 years of age. Moreover, 24th December marks Ethan’s birthday.

On his 22nd birthday, Nicole shared a photo of them and wrote— “Many years ago, I was blessed with a Christmas Eve baby. I’m not with him today, reason number one why I’m up at 1:56 am and can’t sleep. He used to tell me that he would just stay 5 and I counted on that. Sitting here in disbelief that he’s 5 + 17. I’m not sure I could love him anymore, the need to mommy he doesn’t wane with the years (to his chagrin). Other moms of boys get it —just boys of moms do not😉”

Ethan Curtis Father

Ethan Curtis was born to his father, Steven Cimini & his mother, Nicole Curtis. As it seemed, his parents never married.

When Ethan was born, his mother was 20. Meanwhile, his father missed his birth because he was in jail for DUI manslaughter.

Upon his release, Steven and Nicole lived together. However, the couple parted ways in September 1998.

Following the split, a bitter dispute ensued over the custody of Ethan. Of everyone, the feud impacted Ethan the most, and even began seeing a therapist. He would reportedly run away from home to live with his father, Steven who was in Michigan. Upon his return, he lived with his maternal grandmother, Joan Curtis.

Ethan eventually began living with his mother in California. However, he opted to finish high school in Michigan where his father lived. His decision crushed Nicole.

Over time, Ethan and Nicole make amends. So did Nicole and Steven.

Does He Have Siblings?

Ethan doesn’t have a biological sibling. However, he has a brother named Harper from his mother’s relationship with Shane Maguire.

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His Height

Ethan Curtis measures several inches taller than his mother, Nicole Curtis. What does that mean? Well, he stands above 5 feet 11 inches in height.

Ethan Curtis Instagram, Facebook

Ethan Curtis has seemingly stayed low-key on both Instagram and Facebook.

However, Ethan regularly pop-ups on his mother’s social media posts. To the fans’ dismay, Nicole never tags Ethan’s account.

Ethan Curtis Job

While in high school, Ethan held a summer job. What’s more, his gig didn’t involve working alongside his father.

As of 2021, Ethan was still in college. However, nobody seemed to know his major and passion.

According to Nicole Curtis, Ethan “has been on job sites his entire life”. And she’s right.

Ethan began appearing on “Rehab Addict” since its inception in 2014. When the show returned in 2021, following a brief hiatus, he also returned appearing in a few episodes.

Ethan’s mother, Nicole is reportedly worth $7 million.

Ethan Curtis Girlfriend

Because Ethan didn’t have a social media presence, keen fans couldn’t know the identity of his girlfriend. As as far they were concerned, he was single and enjoying the bachelorhood.

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