The subject of this article, Liz Cavalier, stars in the 12th season of History‘s American reality show, Swamp People. From the very first season of the show — excluding some seasons — Liz has been hunting alligators of the swamp area of Atchafalaya River Basin located in Louisiana, the United States.

This article will be all about Liz Cavalier, her career and net worth, and her dating life. In case you are interested in the Gator Queen, grab yourself some popcorn as we will be covering everything about her life in a few hundred words.

Liz Cavalier Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Popular Alligator Hunter Liz Cavalier was born on January 21, 1970, which meant her age was 51, as of February 2021. She celebrated her 51st birthday with her husband Justin and her kids.

According to her birthdate, her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

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Liz Cavalier Wikipedia — Family, Hometown, Maiden Name

Liz Cavalier was born in Pierre Part, Louisiana to her parents, CJ Dupre (father) and Ella Dupre (mother). Her parents were both alligator hunters. She learned about alligator hunting from her father whereas her mother taught her to cook some fine alligator meat.

Liz might be known to all of Swamp People viewers as Liz Cavalier, but when she was born her name was Elizabeth Dupre. Gator Queen’s first name is short for Elizabeth, and she got her surname from her first husband.

Liz spent the majority of her life in Marsh South of Houma learning and practicing the art of alligator hunting. Growing up, she had her siblings by her side who bettered her in every way possible. Her siblings’ names are Donald, Darrin, Diane, and Joe.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Liz Cavalier stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs no lesser than 67 kilograms. Liz’s distinctive features include brown hair and eyes.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Liz is extremely active on her social handles which explains why she has such a massive social media reach.

She boasts big numbers on her Facebook handle as of Feb 2021. A whopping 254 thousand people were connected to her on Facebook. Liz also had 25 thousand followers on her Twitter handle.

Liz had not joined Instagram yet.

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Liz Cavalier Salary, Net Worth, Swamp People

Although Liz Cavalier has been hunting alligators on the swamps of Louisiana, people only knew about her after she joined History‘s Swamp People in 2010.

In a short period of time, Liz rose to stardom and earned the title of Gator Queen. When everything was going well for the show and Liz, she was suddenly fired after season 6 including other cast members.

As viewers later learned, the sudden firing was a result of the change in the management of the production company, Orginal Media.

Like any other person would react, Liz shared her distaste with her fans on her Facebook handle in 2015. When her social media posts annoyed the production company, they requested her to take her posts down.

However, as Gator Queen Liz is, she retaliated to their move by making another post on her Facebook handle.

When everyone had no ray of hope of seeing Liz once again on screen hunting alligators, the History channel announced that Liz would be joining on the 12th season of Swamp People.

Louisiana native can be seen on TV by tuning into the History channel every Thursday night.

Reportedly, Liz Cavalier earns $10 thousand for every episode and her net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

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Liz Cavalier Husband, Kids, Justin Choate

After Liz Cavalier was fired from Swamp People in 2015, she continued hunting and sporting activities with her now-husband Justin Choate, whom she married in 2010. Liz and her husband Justin, who also a part of the show for a couple of seasons, celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on November 22, 2020.


Gator Queen Liz with her now-husband, Justin Choate.

Liz lives on Pecan Island in Louisiana now with her husband and three kids: Jessica, Daemon, and Destin. While Jessica is her own blood, Daemon and Destin come from Justin’s previous marriage.

Aside from being a great mother to her three kids, she is a grandma too. She has two granddaughters, namely Bella and Ellie.

About Liz Cavalier Ex, Daughter, Divorce

While we know that Liz was married to some other guy who had Cavalier as his surname, that’s pretty much everything that is known about him. Neither is there any picture of him nor is there the reason for the divorce between Liz and him.

That being said, Liz and her ex had a daughter, Jessica Cavalier, from their marriage. Jessica, a former drug addict, took a long time to get her life back on track.

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