Erika Nardini Wiki, Net Worth, Salary, Husband, Kids, Height

Barstool Sports is undeniably one of the popular sites for podcasts and shows based on sports and pop culture. And CEO Erika Nardini was credited for the success of the site since her arrival in 2016.

Though the site often got criticized for being misogynistic towards women, Erika applied her creative ability to diversify the business while making it female-friendly at the same time.

This wiki-article focused on life, career, and work in Barstool Sports along with her moves toward feminism.

Both Of Erika’s Parents Were Educators 

Erika Nardini was born on 6 November 1975. She turned 44 years old while celebrating her birthday in 2019.

Per Erika’s date of birth, Scorpio is her zodiac sign.

Born to Richard Wedell Ayers and Mina Ayers, Erika spent her childhood in New Hampshire and Vermont. Though she moved to Boston, Massachusetts for a brief period, she again moved back to New York.

More on her parents: Erika’s father worked as a superintendent for his school district whereas her mother is a vocational teacher.

In 2017, she noted that her parents, even both of them were in their 70’s, had the undying enthusiasm to impart knowledge.

Besides information on her parents, no further details on her siblings made it to the public attention.

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Erika Nardini Has An Average Height

The Barstool Sports’ chief executive is quite a beauty herself. With her hazel-nut hair going along with light complexion, some noted she resembled actress Hilary Swank.

Moreover, Erika stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters). Though she never primarily focused on flaunting her physical attributes, still she maintained her measurements of 36-28-37 while weighing 56 kilograms (123 lbs).

She Is Popular Across All Social Media Platforms

Along with burgeoning fame as chief executive of Barstool Sports, her social media reach grew with time.

As of the spring of 2020, Erika’s Instagram garnered her a total of 78.9k followers. Likewise, her Twitter account has 184.9k followers at the same time.

Though she owns a Facebook account, she is scarcely active on the platform.

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Erika Nardini Bagged Respectable Net Worth & Salary

After graduating high school, Erika joined Colby College in Maine to earn her degree in Sociology and Philosophy. She graduated from the same in 1998.

Following graduation, she interned at Fidelity Investments, a Boston-based investment advisory company. As her interning experience was completely different from her college major, she started to reconsider her career path.

Again, Erika joined back in Fidelity Investments, but in a legal department.

Though Erika’s job paid her a salary of $50,000, the nature of her job made her miserable which eventually led her to step down from the position.

Following that, she started working in the advertising department in the same company. Though her salary shrank to $16,000, she felt more comfortable and creative than she ever did.

She held the position of media manager at Fidelity and quitted from the same in 2001. Furthermore, she went on joining Microsoft, Yahoo!, and AOL.

Besides working for several companies, she also founded a start-up.

In 2016, Erika Nardini joined Barstool Sports and is still working in the same as of the May of 2020.

As of the time of penning this article, Erika’s net worth was estimated to be about $10 million.

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Barstool Sports Grew Under Her Leadership

After years of working in advertising, she created quite a resume and gathered experiences to start something fresh and creative.

And coincidentally, she met Dave Portnoy while she was in New York.

Dave, at the time, was the president of Barstool Sports, Cherin Group acquired the blog in 2016. Whereas, Erika was familiar with Barstool Sports when it operated as a print media in 2003.

In July of 2016, Barstool Sports hired her as the first CEO of the company.

Vast possibility opened up for Erika and surely enough, she made everything count. She started hosting and creating her content, aired podcasts, and shows.

In her leadership, the Barstool Sports reached the new height of success brand-wise and financially with a valuation of $100 million.

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Barstool Sports: Feminism And Misogynistic Allegations

However, Barstool Sports faced ravaging comments on being misogynistic enterprise. Several prominent figures including the founder Dave Portnoy found himself being criticized for his comments.

His comments of size six women wearing skinny jeans deserved to be ra**d and calling ESPN’s sportscaster Sam Ponder, a f**king sl*t were few of the highlighted ones.

However, Erika defended her company against turmoil times on several occasions. Though the company might’ve seemed misogynistic at times, she decided to change it all.

In November of 2018, she decided to split the site into two sections: Barstool Sports and Barstool Chicks. The site had 60%+ female audiences marking her movement towards feminism.

Barstool chicks contributed 25 percent of monthly viewership with female ran podcasts, video series, and radio shows.

Erika Nardini Married, Husband, Kids

Erika Nardini married Brett Aquino Nardini from Massachusetts. The pair tied the knot on 11 October 2003 in Stowe, Vermont.

Following the marriage, the couple had two kids: Cannon Gleason Nardini and Turin Jean Nardini.

Erika preferred maintaining privacy regarding her family. This is why her husband and her kids have been featured on her social media only a few times.

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