Siliana Gaspard rocketed to fame as the wife of WWE superstar Shad Gaspard. Married in 2009, the pair shared a son named Aryeh.

Here’s everything you need to know about Siliana’s wikis!

Siliana Gaspard Broke Missing Story Involving Shad

On 18th May 2020, Siliana announced Shad was missing via Instagram Live. She then claimed her husband — who was wearing shorts — was last spotted at the California-based Marina Del Ray Beach.

Two days later, the LA County Lifeguards spokesperson confirmed Shad’s death upon the recovery. He was 39 years of age.

According to TMZ, Shad and son Aryeh belonged to a group of swimmers carried away by a riptide. The publication also claimed the WWE star asked the rescuers to help his son first. When the rescue workers were assisting Aryeh, Shad vanished.

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Siliana Gaspard Met Her Future Husband In Tampa

When Siliana Gaspard first crossed paths with Shad, she was dating someone else. In a 2012 interview, she shared they met at a bar in Tampa. After her then-boyfriend was a no-show, Shad approached Siliana.

While many may romanticize her first encounter with Shad, Siliana begged to differ. She explained,

“He asked me to dance to the Grease theme song LOL. I still wasn’t into him, so my friends literally took his phone, put my number in it, did all of the talking for me, meanwhile Shad’s friend was hitting on me…it was a big mess.”

Eventually, Siliana and Shad connected via MySpace. Following a blissful dating period, they then tied the knot in 2009. About a year into their married life, Siliana and Shad welcomed their first child — a son.

Siliana was Shad’s biggest cheerleader. When the police arrested the WWE superstar for Jaywalking and resisting arrest in March 2011, she accused them of racial profiling.

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She Began Working As A Personal Trainer

While pregnant with her son, Siliana Gaspard put on around 40 pounds. Feeling the need to cut the weight, she became interested in fitness and bodybuilding. Siliana even competed in National Physique Committee in 2011. (

Turning a hobby into a means to make ends meet, Silian then started working as a personal trainer. She even owned an official certification to work as a nutritionist. According to reports, the self-described “Mompreneur” flaunted an estimated $350 net worth. A chunk of her income came from her job as a personal trainer.

Like Shad, Siliana maintained a ripped physique. What’s more, she had around five feet ten inches in height and 59 kilograms weight. At the same time, Siliana possessed a flawless body with 35-27-36 inches measurements.

Siliana’s rule when it came to diet and workout was regular. In other words, Siliana ate when she liked while still listening to her body.

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Siliana Gaspard Grew Up In Several Countries

Contrary to the widely-held belief, Siliana Gaspard wasn’t born an American. She is a native of Sofia, Bulgaria but lived in multiple countries like the US and Canada while growing up. Nonetheless, Siliana should hold American nationality.

As of 2020, Siliana was in her 30s. Therefore, she was most probably born in the 1980s. Without an accurate date of birth, many couldn’t tell when she celebrated her birthday. Silian’s son, meanwhile, celebrated his birthday on 23rd April.

Siliana drew a lot of inspiration from her family. Of the two parents, Siliana held her mother to greater regard. A nationally ranked tennis prodigy, she once said:

“I played tennis the majority of my life. My role model has always been my mother because she is the strongest woman I know.”

Making her parents and siblings proud, Siliana earned features on “Flex Magazine,” “FitnessRX for Women,” “Muscle” and “Fitness HERS.”

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