Maria Taylor is one of the leading sports analysts in the US and the fact that she is a woman in the otherwise male-dominated field of sports analysis makes her all the more special.

In this article, we shall introduce the readers to Maria, how her interest in sports came to be, as well as her husband.

Her Age: How Old Is She?

According to Wikipedia, Maria Taylor was born on 12 March 1987. That meant she was 33 years of age as of April 2021. And her zodiac sign was Pisces.

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Is Maria Taylor A Male?

No, Maria Taylor is not a male. There is not gender transformation, nothing. She is out and out female. Some fans were confused about her gender because of her height. She stands at a height of 6 ft 2 inches, which is tall for men as well. But she is a woman, no doubt.

To prove the matter, Maria had long black hair. Plus, her eyes were brown.

Where Did She Play Basketball?

Although you can see a lot of pictures of Maria with a basketball and that might lead you to think that he was herself a basketball player. And you’d be right to some extent. She did play basketball for her university. She went to the University of Georgia.

However, it was in Volleyball that she really excelled. She did love basketball but was not as good a basketball player as she was a volleyball player. She played for the Lady Bulldogs (name of the university team) for all four years.

Maria finished with 1729 kills and 2020 points in total. She also a lot of awards for her performances. For example, she was named in the All-SEC volleyball team three times. She was also a member of the USA A2 National volleyball team, which won the bronze medal at Open Division of USA Volleyball Champions.

She graduated from the university with a degree in broadcast journalism in 2009. Later, she joined the same university for a Master of Business Administration. She graduated with an MBA in 2013.

Maria Taylor Salary: How Much Does She Make A Year?

According to our reports, Maria Taylor earned a salary of about $87k every year from her job at ESPN as well as SEC Network.

Maria started her career in journalism when she was still at the University of Georgia. She had worked as a reporter and host for IMG College for over three years. After college, she joined ESPN as a college analyst and reporter in 2014.

For ESPN, Maria has worked as a reporter for College GameDay Built by Home Depot, ABC Saturday Night Football, Saturday Primetime, etc. And she has also worked as a host of programs like College Football Live, NBA Countdown, as well as NCAA Women’s Final Four Studio Coverage.

In terms of her range, Maria has worked as a reporter and analyst for basketball, volleyball, as well as football. The latter has since her college days become one of her major focus areas.

Apart from ESPN, she has also worked for SEC Network.

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How Much Is Maria Taylor Net Worth?

The reports we have about her net worth might not be exact, rather approximate figures. As of April 2021, Maria Taylor had gathered a net worth of about $2 million.

Maria Taylor Husband: Who Is She Married To?

Well, there are a couple of them. No, she is not a polygamist. Currently, Maria has only one husband. But she used to be married to another guy.

Maria was once married to a former basketball player and sports agent, Rodney Blackstock. Maria and Rodney first met in 2014 during Charlotte Hornet’s game in North Carolina.

Rodney started the conversation with, “You are not as tall as I am.” Weird pick-up line but it worked. They hit it off right away.

After dating for about a couple of years, Rodney and Maria got engaged, deciding to get married in June 2016. However, the relationship got a lot more tumultuous than they expected and the wedding date was postponed a few times. They finally tied the knot on 5 May 2019.

But the marriage did not last too long. Some fans started to spot Maria without her wedding ring pretty soon. Maria never really liked to talk about her personal life and she did not speak much about the end of her first marriage, nor her second marriage.

Yes, there is a second marriage. And it was not until February of 2021 when Maria uploaded the photos of her wedding with another man that fans came to know about her second marriage. Although, her coworker Jalen Rose had announced a week before about her wedding. Nothing had come out of her though.

Maria Taylor had not tagged her mysterious husband in the wedding photos and she had not uploaded any photos of him before. It was most likely that she wanted to protect her new husband’s privacy. He seemed like a man who kept his private out of public eyes.


Maria Taylor with her mysterious second husband during their wedding circa February 2021 (PC: Maria’s IG)

Maria’s height was always an interesting topic in any conversation regarding her. Her relationship with ex-husband Rodney had started with the talk of height. And interestingly, her second husband was also taller than her.

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