Actress Lauren Tsai rose to fame within a short period of her entertainment career. In 2021, she starred in Netflix’s newest offering Moxie. With the debut of the movie, she once again attracted attention.

Delve into this wiki-article to learn more about the Hawaiian actress as we address details on her family, relationship status, a career as an actress, and her sexuality (Lesbian or Bisexual?)

How Old Is She?

Lauren Tsai was born on 11 February 1998. She turned 23 years old in 2021. Moreover, she secured Aquarius as her zodiac sign.

Lauren Tsai Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity

Lauren Tsai was born to her parents: (father) Stephen Tsai and (mother) Linda Marie in Massachusetts, the United States. She dearly loved her father but never shared much information on him. Whereas, her mother worked as a management consultant in the United States.

Because her father is of Chinese-descent and her mother is European, Lauren is of Eurasian-American ethnicity. More on her family: Lauren has two sisters named Christine and Michelle. Moreover, she and her siblings are the great-granddaughters of composer Lee Pao-Chen and niece of American restauranter Ming Tsai.

Lauren was raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. She moved there with her parents and siblings at the age of seven. The actress also lived abroad, mostly in Japan.

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Her Height, Weight

A self-described “Too Asian and Too Short,” Lauren Tsai stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8.5 inches (1.73 meters). She has tall and lanky physical attributes and doesn’t hesitate to show off on her Instagram. Not only Lauren creates art, but she also looks like someone who manifested out of some anime. She weighed 57 kilograms (1.70 lbs).

Lauren Tsai Net Worth

As of this writing, Lauren Tsai generated a total net worth of $300 thousand from modeling, sales of art, and career as an actress.

Lauren wears many hats professionally. She is a well-established and recognized artist and illustrator, a model, and an actress. But, the Japanese reality show, Terrace House put her in the new height career-wise.

The actress never believed that she was cut out for working in front of lenses. While she watched her sisters getting scouted by modeling agencies, Lauren believed she wasn’t made for that. However, her time in Japan changed the whole perspective she had about modeling.

Then started her career as a model during her time in high school. Lauren signed with the WME agency and modeled putting on the designs of Marc Jacobs, Starbucks, Dolce and Gabbana, Uniqlo and Adidas campaign, and Nike.

While not modeling, she is deeply immersed in drawing. She mostly draws at night as she could process her experience from the day. As an artist, Lauren makes mythical creatures and figures that appeared were out of the world, and her fans are in love with her work of art. She held her first gallery opening in her hometown of Hawaii.

While working in Terrace House, she publicly shared her work and it marked her first-ever publicly demonstrated work. She learned picked up several skills from the Internet including her fluency in the Japanese language. Her multi-lingual abilities were also incorporated by the producers of the TV shows.

As for her career in acting, the desire could be traced back to her time in high school. At the time, she badly wanted to audition in a school play and prepared for it. But when the day of the showdown arrived she chickened out.

Lauren also starred in Marvel LIVE from 2019 San Diego Comic-Con (2019), played Switch in Legion (2019), and Claudia in Moxie 2021.

Surprisingly, Lauren found ways to merge visual art and illustrations. The producers of Legion were surprised to know her talent and gave it an online platform. The illustrations made their way in an episode during the opening title sequence.

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Is Lauren Tsai Lesbian?

Within a short span of attending fame, Lauren Tsai’s relationship has been a topic of interest for her fans. Her admirers were quick to take notice that she is definitely not straight. They also created a topic on Reddit titled “Straight, bi, gay” where they discussed her sexuality.

While a small group of Reddit users believed that Lauren Tsai was Lesbian, others came with evidence that she was actually bisexual. One member taurus1024 noticed after going through her sketchbook that she was bisexual. As shared by the member, she had the tale-tale signs all over her work of art. (

Whereas, another member kevynmalone was happy that Lauren is either a lesbian or bi, as it was a win-win for the LGBTQ+ community. Plus, her Instagram also had a few pieces of evidence of her non-straight involvement. She shared a video of kissing Naomi from Terrace House.

But the one named tourboi from London flipped every single conversation on the topic after he claimed to be her friend. He claimed that Lauren Tsai was as straight as a stick. He even vouched for being a friend of the actress and boasted about getting engaged and having a baby and naming him Tarsus.

Either way, a huge number of her fans still believe Lauren is either lesbian or bisexual.

Lauren Tsai Boyfriend, Husband, Yusuke Aizawa

While talking with SSENSE, Lauren Tsai shared that she never realized how uncomfortable she was in romantic relationships until she participated in Terrace House. A fellow cast in the show and her roommate Yusuke Aizawa had a crush on her.

Many people who watched the show and even Lauren believed she was very cold towards Yusuke. She felt she should’ve opted for a different approach to reciprocate her feelings. She even accepted she has a lot of learning to do when it came to communicating with people.

So, is Lauren Tsai married as of March 2021? Does she have a husband or boyfriend? Well, we can safely say, no, she doesn’t. She appears to be single as of this writing.

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