Dawn-Lyen Gardner’s roles in the TV world are no less than the other. But she was most popular for portraying “Charley Bordelon West” in the OWN’s hit series, Queen Sugar.

As the show’s fifth installment was ongoing in March 2021, Dawn-Lyen made a revelation about a tragic experience that she and her husband-to-be had to endure the previous year. She shared that they were expecting their first child, but unfortunately suffered a miscarriage! And even though she still found it difficult to talk about the whole incident, she decided that it was time she shared her story with other women.

Learn all about her future husband and their story at the end of this article.

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How Old Is She?

Dawn-Lyen Gardner was born on Aug 31, 1985, making her 35 years old in 2021.

Dawn-Lyen Gardner Mother, Father, Chinese

Admittedly, Dawn-Lyen Gardner is of mixed ethnicity. Her mother is a Chinese-American, while her father is Black. In the interview with the People where she discussed her miscarriage, Dawn-Lyen mentioned that the one person she wanted most during that time was her mother. But because of the pandemic, she could hug her!

Dawn said, 

“She couldn’t just wrap her arms around me. She would literally stand six feet away from me and try to comfort me.”

We can imagine the helplessness she felt!

Talking more about Dawn-Lyen’s parents, her dad is from Alabama and her mom is from China. They met in LA (after the Great Migration) at high school, and fell in love through Chess. Dating for years, they eventually got married, and soon Dawn-Lyen and her brother were born.

Trivia: Dawn-Lyen’s mother celibates her birthday on November 12, and her dad does it on May 18.

Growing up, Dawn-Lyen shared that her grandmother’s home was the central point for her family. All of her aunts, and uncles, and siblings-like-cousins would gather there all the time. Also, she remembered one of her cousins, who she thought was the most beautiful person in the world.

Furthermore, Dawn-Lyen shared that growing up was “very painful” at times. Coming from a mixed-race, she always felt “freakish” because of her looks, and being “exoticized” was “really uncomfortable.”

Overall, Dawn-Lyen is now at peace with her mixed heritage. She mentioned that she “worked hard to have an integrated identity”. She shared,

“My experience of culture and identity is that it is fluid. That’s the reality, and to pinpoint one or the other doesn’t work for me.”

Dawn-Lyen Gardner Height, Teeth

Dawn-Lyen Gardner stands tall at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) and weighs under 52 kg (114 lbs).

She is a beautiful lady, and one of the most attractive features about Dawn-Lyen must be her teeth. Those wide set of perfect bright teeth added an unparalleled charm to her every smile.

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Is She On Social Media?

Yes, as of March 2021, Dawn-Lyen flaunted 169K followers over Instagram, 10K followers over Facebook, and 40.8K followers over Twitter.

Dawn-Lyen Gardner Net Worth

Dawn-Lyen Gardner’s net worth was under $2 million in 2021.

As an actress, she was credited to over 22 movies and TV shows. Mentioning some of her popular are — Viper (1994), Married to the Kellys (2004), Heroes (2010), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2012), Luke Cage (2016), God Friended Me (2018), and many more.

Also, Dawn-Lyen is a popular name in the theater world. Some of her worlds include — Charlotte in Sticky Traps (2015), Chandra in A Fable (2014), Imogen in Cymbeline (2013), Sophie in Ruined (2010), and the list goes on.

But when Dawn-Lyen is not working on the screen, she spends her time advocating for youth arts empowerment, racial justice organizing, and women’s issues and equity. She has also supported WfW’s work and even joined Women for Women International as a 2018 Ambassador. (

Dawn-Lyen Gardner Husband, Engagement, Miscarriage

Dawn-Lyen Gardner’s soon-to-be husband was always there for her when she was recovering mentally from the miscarriage. Though Dawn-Lyen chose not to share his name with us, she shared that he is a writer and physician who specializes in end of life care

According to her, he was “someone who leaned into emotional territory, even when it’s challenging,” and at the time of her tragedy, he always honored their grief, and never “othered” it. Also, when she was scared that the whole incident might distant them, it was her future husband who turned her perspective around. In her words,

“I am so grateful that rather than tear us apart, this was one of those experiences that brought us closer.”

By the end of it, Dawn-Lyen and her future husband haven’t lost hope. They admitted that they wanted to be “parents sooner than later,” and shared that 2020 was a lesson that “life is full of unexpected loss and unexpected change.”

Guess we might be hearing of another pregnancy anytime soon. Moreover, their wedding might be closing in as well. After the engagement, the duo reportedly had decided to get married in 2020 but had to postpone it because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Talking about her miscarriage, Dawn-Lyen shared she was in the three-month mark when her doctor told her that he couldn’t hear a heartbeat. “My fiancé and I were devastated,” she said. Moreover, it was the time of the pandemic, she couldn’t meet most of her loved ones. This added more weight to her grief.

For those of you confused who haven’t watched Queen Sugar, Davis West isn’t her real husband. He is her on-screen husband played by Timon Kyle Durrett.

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