Marge Sr. is the mother of Margaret Josephs. If you live under the rock, Margaret is a businesswoman famous for appearing on RHONJ.

This Marge Sr. Wiki delves into the life of Margaret Josephs’ mother including her age, net worth, and job. Likewise, it outlines her facelift, husband, and net worth.

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Marge Sr. Age, Birthday, Zodiac

In 2020, Marge Sr. touched the age of 74. For context, she was 21 years older than her daughter, Margaret Josephs. With 7th September as her birthday, Marge was born Virgo.

On her 73rd birthday, Margaret tweeted— “Happy Birthday to my one and only Mom the original glamour girl @MMKISS She taught me love, compassion, and the need for fabulous hairpieces and little dogs as accessories!! Couldn’t live without her!! #happybirthday #gotitfrommymama #family”

Marge Sr. Wiki — Family, Hometown, Real Name

Marge Sr. was born with the real name Margaret Kiss to her father, Joseph Kiss, and an anonymous parents.

With her parents, Marge immigrated from Hungary to the United States in the mid-1950s. The Kisses, who were fleeing the Communist regime, and settled in Mason City, Iowa. However, she considered Englewood, New Jersey as her hometown.

Because Marge spent her childhood in Hungry, she developed an accent, only noticeable to picky listeners.

Circa 1984, Marge’s father passed away. Remembering his death, Marge penned a heartfelt message on Instagram in 2019. According to the post, she has a brother.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

As of March 2021, Marge was on all major social media platforms. On Instagram, she had around 18.4 thousand followers. Meanwhile, 3.4 thousand people followed her on Twitter.

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Marge Sr. Facelift Before And After

As seen in an episode of RHONJ, Marge Sr. and her daughter, Margaret received a facelift. Her before and after facelift pictures were very telling. According to her, she underwent the procedure to feel fresh and to get rid of sagging and some line. In the past, Marge admitted to getting injections.

Joe Benigno, Margaret Josephs’ husband, once shared that Marge had an Abscess on her lung. The condition almost killed her. Aren’t we glad that survived?

Per online sources, Marge stands under 5 feet 4 inches in height.

Marge Sr. Net Worth, Job, Career

Marge Sr. is a bookkeeper by trade. Between 1994 and 2006, she served as the Multicultural Marketing Coordinator for “Pepsico”. While with the Purchase, New York company, she managed multicultural marketing information.

For a decade, Marge worked for Macbeth Collections, Margaret’s company. She left the job for a new bookkeeping job in the city.

A bookkeeper in New Jersey makes around $50 thousand. Safe to say, Marge Sr. pocketed more annual income than that. Meanwhile, her net worth should surpass $750 thousand.

For $50, you can order a personalized video from Marge on Cameo. Meanwhile, she charged $4.99 for a “chat” with her.

Is She Still On RHONJ?

Between 2019 and March 2021, Marge Sr. had appeared on 3 episodes of RHONJ. Her stint on the show slowed after she took up a job in the city.

From asking for foot rubs from her son-in-law to cracking NSFW jokes to dating, Marge cemented herself as a fan favorite on the show.

When Andy Cohen asked what her tagline as a housewife would be, Marge simply replied— “I have two cats but I only have one pu**y.”

Marge Sr. Husband, Divorce, Kids

Margaret Josephs is the only daughter of Marge Sr. At a young age, she married Margaret’s father (her husband). When Margaret was 2, Marge divorced him.

In the years that followed, Marge continued looking for the one. Her dating life even played out on TV. With Margaret and her husband, Joe Benigno, she and her date, Steve tagged along for a double date.

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