Long before his “Too Hot to Handle” stint, David Birtwistle gained fame as an ambassador for Nike Training. However, nobody could deny that the Netflix dating show helped him attain international stardom.

Read along and discover essential wiki details like net worth concerning David. Furthermore, get familiar with the fitness guru’s height, family background, and girlfriend!

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

When David Birtwistle appeared on “Too Hot to Handle,” he was 28 years of age. As such, David was probably born in the year 1992. His birthday and zodiac, on the other hand, remained under wraps.

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David Birtwistle Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

David Birtwistle was born to English parents. A native of Wigan, England, he flaunted features of a Caucasian man. Additionally, he should own a British passport.

For privacy reasons, David refrained from sharing his mom, dad, and siblings on social media. Nonetheless, he seemed a family-oriented individual.

David Birtwistle Net Worth, Job, Education

Growing up, David Birtwistle excelled in the sports of Rugby. Moreover, he was played for Wasp’s Rugby Club.

Placing his sporting aspirations on hold, David enrolled at the St. Mary’s University. There, he studied conditioning and strength. What’s more, he also possessed a degree in petroleum engineering.

Coming to job titles, David worked as a physical trainer and a nutrition coach. He also hosted retreats organized by his company “Endeavour Life.”

With the exposure from “Too Hot to Handle,” David continued to land more clients. No wonder, his $200 thousand net worth was on the rise.

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David Birtwistle Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Thanks to his sporting background, David Birtwistle possessed a chiseled physique. Likewise, the trainer-turned-reality star measured five feet & ten inches in height while owning 78kg plus weight.

Social Media Reach: Twitter, IG, Facebook

Like fellow “Too Hard to Handle” contestants, David Birtwistle maintained a sound social media reach. As of April 2020, he had 151k followers on IG, 711 followers on Twitter and 455 followers on FB.

On all three major platforms, David posted videos of him working out. Furthermore, he used the mediums to promote his latest projects.

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David Birtwistle Girlfriend, Dating, Wife

By the time he joined “Too Hot to Handle,” David Birtwistle was already a veteran in the dating scene. Admittedly, he had a long list of former girlfriends.


David with Lydia Clyma (Pic –

During his tenure on the show, David forged a strong bond with another contestant Lydia Clyma. By April 2020, Lydia was no longer his girlfriend.

Even with the separation, David didn’t regret being a part of “Too Hard to Handle.” Admittedly, he learned valuable lessons while on the show. In his own words,

“Since the retreat, I’ve been a lot more purposeful with how I’ve been dating. I realize I do want a serious relationship. I want a wife at some point.”

As seen on the show, David was one of the few participants who longed for a genuine connection.

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