Captain/Owner of, Dave Carraro is the star of the National Geographic reality series Wicked Tuna. He was the top earner of the show’s fishing season 2, season 9 and as of June 2021, he was No. 3 in Season 10.

But how much do you know about his personal life? Keep reading this Dave Carraro Wikipedia to say you know it all. 

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Dave Carraro Age

Dave Carraro was born on April 23, 1965. That made him 56 years of age as he appeared on Wicked Tuna in 2021.

Corresponding to his birthday, Dave is of the Taurus zodiac.

Dave Carraro Parents, Siblings

Dave Carraro inherits the talent for fishing from his parents. He shared that ever since he was in Kindergarten, his dad always encouraged him to fish and taught him all the required skills. No wonder, Dave hauls plenty now.

More information on his parents and siblings was unavailable.

Just in case you are curious, No, Dave is not related to Captain Sandro Maniaci. They first met through a mutual friend just when Dave was in search of a mate. And just on their first trip, they caught a 544 kg (1200lbs) Tuna.

In 2021, Dave resided at Gloucester, Massachusetts; no very far from his hometown Middletown, New Jersey.

His Illness, Hospitalized

You might be surprised to hear this but Dave Carraro has never eaten a piece of seafood in his entire life. Yes, no seafood, none whatsoever. “Chicken, beef, and vegetables, that’s as far as it goes — and of course my sweets,” he said.

Moreover, what’s even more bizarre is that he can’t answer why. Maybe he has some illness or some belief? Guess, well never know.

As of 2021, he had no reports of being hospitalized.

Dave Carraro Height

Dave Carraro stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 10 inches (177 cm).

Mentinong his distinct features, Dave has brown eyes and comparatively smaller lips.

His Instagram, Facebook

As of June 2021, Dave wasn’t present on Instagram. But he entertained 20.4K followers over Twitter. 

Also, find him on Facebook @dave.carraro.

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Dave Carraro Net Worth, Salary

Dave Carraro garnered a net worth of $800 thousand by 2021. So, how did he make it? Well, Dave first stepped into the boat job working on party boats but that wasn’t the career he was looking for. So, he went on to get his license for tuna fishing, and thus a new Tuna fishing expert was born.

Slowly, he then started selling the fish to local restaurants, and with the earned money he upgraded to a charter business. Finally, his fishing boat caught the attention of National Geographic, and he was featured in the reality series Wicked Tuna.

As of 2021, Dave has appeared in over 70 Wicked Tuna episodes.

When Dave wasn’t fishing, he worked as an airline/instructor pilot. He was also a Captain at JetBlue Airways, flying for over 30 years.

For education, Dave graduated from Middletown High School North and went on to study aviation at Sheilds Aviation Academy.

Dave also held a U.S.C.G. 100 Ton Masters License.

Find his merch on “”. It featured shirts, caps, and bands ranging from $4.99 to 44.95.

Did you know: In 2011, Dave landed 52 giant tuna and 8 giants over 1000 pounds.

Dave Carraro Wife 

Dave Carraro was neither engaged nor married as of 2021. However, he did have a girlfriend, a possible future wife named Jess Boardway. The two started dating before August 2016 and in July 2020, they became a family of three. No, they didn’t welcome a kid, rather it was their cute dog named Calvin.

Curious about Dave’s girlfriend? Jess Boardway is a Gloucester high-school teacher who is 21 years younger than the Wicked Tuna star. She was born on June 10, 1986, and has resided in places like South Hadley and Granby, MA.

Back in 2018, Jess also appeared on an episode titled “Changing the Tide” in Wicked Tuna.

Find her on Facebook @jess.boardway; where she seemed more active than on other socials. In fact, both Dave and Jess were Facebook people. They often tagged each other over social media. The last we saw them was on 27th March 2020, when they were out to dinner.

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