Scott Fischer is a multi-million dollar business tycoon who is best known as the CEO of Dippin Dots.

Despite his reputation in the business world for being an outstanding CEO, his personal life always ran into trouble and sometimes with the law. In June of 2021, Scott’s former girlfriend accused him of a lawsuit of circulating sexual images.

Delve into this Scott Fischer [Dippin Dots] Wiki to learn more about his net worth, wife, and age.

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Scott Fischer [Dippin Dots] Age

Scott Fischer turned 41 years old in October of 2020. Furthermore, he celebrates his birthday every year on 28 October. Moreover, he secured Scorpio as his zodiac sign.

Scott Fischer [Dippin Dots] Parents, Siblings

Scott Fischer was born to his parents Mark Fischer and Susan Fischer in Edmond, Oklahoma, the United States.

His father, Mark attended and graduated from Texas A&M University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering in 1972. Furthermore, he served as the chairman ad CEO of Chaparral Energy for 28 years.

Furthermore, Mark also founded and has been running Pointe Vista Development LLC since September 2008. He is serving as the executive chairman of Dippin Dots Ice Cream since May of 2012. He is a recipient of both the Aerospace Department Distinguished Alumnus Award and the College of Engineering Outstanding Alumni Award from Texas A&M University in 2014.

Furthermore, Mark and his wife, Susan celebrated their 49th anniversary in January of 2021.

Coming to details on her siblings, Scott has a sister named Christy Fischer Speakes. Christy is married to Grant Speakes and has a daughter together. She worked at Rodan + Fields.

His Height

Scott Fischer stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters). Talking about weight, she weighed 76 kilograms (167 lbs).

The Oklahoma native is very concerned about his health. Back in February 2018, he took the 30 in 40 challenges, shooting to take 30 yoga classes in 40 days. He took the private lesson on the 30th yoga class in the 40 days from his hotel room.

His Instagram, Facebook

Coming to the extent of his social media, Scott Fischer could be discovered on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. His Instagram @scottfischerceo, which is private as of June 2021, garnered him, 501 followers. He made 106 posts we don’t have any access to.

Moreover, he is also on Twitter, @ScottFischerCEO, with 63 followers in total. He only posted 16 tweets in total. Likewise, he is active on his Facebook @scott.fischer.792 where he is followed by 663 people.

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Scott Fischer [Dippin Dots] Net Worth, Salary

As the chief executive of a Dippin Dots, Scott Fischer probably earns a six-figure salary, around $300 thousand per year. This contributes to his burgeoning net worth of $10 million.

After completing high school, Scott Fischer enrolled at the University of Central Oklahoma. He graduated with a BS degree as the class of 2005. After starting in May of 2012, he has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Dippin’ Dots, LLC since its acquisition in 2012.

As the story goes, Dippin Dots had filed bankruptcy, and Scott and his father bought it for $12.7 million. The company had no future and even White House Secretary Sean Spicer was obsessed with saying it loud on his Twitter. Both in 2010 and 2011, the former White House Secretary wrote Dippin Dots is not the ice cream of the future.

In response to that, Scott wrote a letter to Spicer where he wrote, “We’ve seen your tweets and would like to be friends rather than foes. After all, we believe in connecting the dots.”

Six years later in after acquiring the company in 2018, Dippin Dots broke $330 million in annual revenue.

Before that, Scott Fischer has been serving as the chief operating officer for Pointe-Vista Development. He led the negotiation and creation of the largest Tax Increment Finance district in the history of Oklahoma and was a key stakeholder in the legislative passage of the Modification to the Oklahoma Tourism Development Act.

As much as he was respected for being a successful CEO, Scott also damaged his reputation on several occasions. In 2018, he made headlines with a white BMW crashing into two homes that involved DUI, in Oklahoma City. There were no third-party casualties, but he damaged his physical being and his reputation.

Scott Fischer [Dippin Dots] Wife, Girlfriend

Amanda Brown, a former girlfriend of Scott Fischer of Dippin Dots, accused him of revenge porn based on the lawsuit which she filed. According to the report, Scott even sent the sexual images of Amanda to her mother.

Based on the lawsuit, plaintiff Amanda Brown was a traveling nurse who dated Scott for over two years. After they broke up in 2020, he retaliated and harassed her. He also used sexual images to control her, as the lawsuit alleged.

Moreover, Scott Fischer got in hands the sexual images “consensually and sometimes surreptitiously.” He had also threatened to send the nudes to her father and friends and also upload them on Porn Hub.

The lawsuit also alleged that “he is too rich or powerful to be held accountable.”

As his attorney stated, Scott was disappointed that he was sued by his disgruntled former girlfriend, Amanda Brown. He made counter-accusations about unlawfully taking his dog, a luxury car when the relationship ended, and making outrageous demands for money from him.

In return, Amanda sought punitive damages from Scott for invasion of her privacy, negligence, and severe emotional distress.


Scott Fischer and his alleged girlfriend Sarah Elizabeth Hoffman in early June 2021 (Pic: Scott’s Facebook)

As for his relationship status, Scott Fischer was not married as of June 2021. Therefore, he didn’t have a wife. But, he was reportedly dating Sarah Elizabeth Hoffman who served as Media Director at Studio Flight. They were first snapped together in April of 2021.

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