For most of the movie lovers, Philip Seymour Hoffman was a dear actor. He had that down to earth demeanor that was so hard to find the celebrity-culture-fueled Hollywood–and that characteristic calm comforting smile.

When he died, for many people the tragedy was immense. Suddenly, Hollywood looked barren and without hope, without comfort. All the movies coming out of Hollywood started to look drab and mind-numbing.

Then in 2020, it was announced that Philip’s young son Cooper was going to appear on Paul Thomas Anderson’s yet-untitled movie. It was a new hope. Maybe, it was not the wisest of hopes, to expect Philip’s charisma and virtuoso from his teenage son. But the heart survives on hope.

This article is for those hopeful hearts, who wish to see the legacy of Philip Seymour Hoffman revived by his son. Of course, one would have to wait for the release of a yet-to-be-filmed movie. Until then, they might enjoy interesting wikis and bio about Cooper Hoffman.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Cooper was born in the month of March 2003. Thus, as of now, i.e. September 2020, Cooper was 17 years of age. The exact day of his birthday was not known.

Based on his birth month, his zodiac sign could be either Aries or Pisces.

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Cooper Hoffman Wiki: Mom, Siblings, Dad

This is not new. Cooper was born on dad Philip Seymour Hoffman and mom Mimi O’Donnell. His dad was an actor famous for his grounded character roles and his mom was a costume designer.

Cooper’s mom and dad first met in 1999 and were together for 15 years before his dad’s death in 2014. Philip was a great actor and an equally amazing father. However, his greatest flaw and later the reason for his demise was his drug addiction. He died due to drug intoxication at the age of 46.

Cooper Hoofman grew up with two younger siblings, both sisters. The eldest, Tallulah, was three years younger than Cooper and the youngest, Willa, was five years younger than Cooper.

Cooper Hoffman Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Coming to his physical features, Cooper Hoffman had a height of 5 ft 8 inches. Considering that he was only 17 years of age, surely he was going to grow a few inches taller. He had the weight of 72 kg.

Among his distinct features, Cooper had a handsome face with a brown mop on top of his head.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

When it came to secrecy, Cooper seemed to have inherited his father’s name. Philip Seymour Hoffman guarded his secrecy and his family’s secrecy like a mother hen. In many interviews, he used to outright refuse to answer any personal questions.

Cooper had not gained his father’s level of fame, thus he could not have his father’s level of secrecy. However, he did not seem to be present on social media. While Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook were highly popular among normal teens, Cooper seemed to be away from that normalcy.

Cooper Hoffman Net Worth, Movies, TV Shows

For his profession, Cooper appeared to be following his father’s footsteps. Cooper was set to make his film debut with his father’s frequent collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson.

On September 2020, the news came out of a yet-unnamed PTA project, a coming of age story of a boy in San Fernando valley. Cooper Hoffman was cast in the lead role, alongside musician Alana Haim, who was also making her film debut. The supporting cast included big names like Bradley Cooper and Bennie Safdie.

By the time his article was written, the filming had already begun on the location in San Fernando valley.

Many people had a lot of hope from Cooper, as they could see a little bit of their beloved actor (Philip Seymour Hoffman) in him. They would have to wait to see to what extent Cooper justifies his father’s legacy.

While his personal net worth might only be $1 million, Cooper Hoffman was one of the heirs of his father’s $35 million net worth.

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Cooper Hoffman Boyfriend, Dating, Gay

When it came to his love life, there was no concrete information regarding who he was dating. There were some rumors that Cooper Hoffman was gay. And for a while, people started to look for his boyfriends rather than his girlfriends. But nothing came out of that effort.

Whether or not he had inherited his father’s acting genes, Cooper sure had inherited his privacy genes.

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