Every art has its boundaries. There’s a kind of magic rock has but jazz lacks. While jazz has its own set of things that separates it apart from a rock. But, one genre that has something from everything has to be country songs, or folk music if said in a broad sense.

While there have been thousands of country musicians across the US that have contributed to replenishing the genre every time it seems like dying, Garth Brooks comes as one of a kind musician who crafted numerous country songs that every person in the US still hums.

Continuing the legacy Garth created is his youngest daughter, Allie Colleen. Allie’s debut single Work In Progress released in 2019 topped many charts and is still creating many records.

In the article below, learn more about Allie’s life–from her age to net worth to relationship–laid out in a wiki-style format.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Real Name

If Garth had wished to use her surname to earn herself a million of fans, she could have done that. But, instead, she chose her unparalleled creativity to pave a way for her brighter future.

Born in the year 1996, Allie’s age as of June 2020 was 23. She celebrates her birthday on every 28th of July. Furthermore, her real name is Allie Colleen Brooks.

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Allie Colleen Wiki — Dad, Mom, Siblings

Allie Colleen for sure knows what it means to be raised by three parents. Allie’s dad Garth first met his then-wife, Sandy Mahl, while they were students at Oklahoma State University.

In the Tumbleweed Dance Hall where Garth worked as a bouncer and a stage performer, he met his sweetheart Sandy. The pair eventually married in 1986.

Sandy was just more than a wife for Garth. Figuratively speaking, she was the person behind Garth’s success as a songwriter. Moreover, she wrote two of Brooks’ songs that are That Summer and I’ve Got a Good Thing Going. 

However, when Brooks found overwhelming success, he had to go on long trips for concerts and stuff. That being the case, the couple slowly drifted apart and later would go on to divorce in 2001.

For more than 4 years, Garth remained single and became busy in growing his three small children. That’s when his friend, Trisha Yearwood, who he had known from as back as 1987, stepped in to offer him some help. The pair got closer and eventually married in December 2005.

For Trisha and Garth, it was really hard to raise three of their children. But, without any sign of awkwardness, Garth’s ex-wife came to offer a hand. And that was how Allie and her two siblings, Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks and August Anna Brooks were raised by three parents.

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Allie Colleen Height, Weight, Tattoos

It would be fair enough to say that one would not expect Allie Collen’s songs to be sad and heartfelt songs looking at her.

Looking jolly and happy always, Allie stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs around 67 kilograms.

Allie is a big tattoo fanatic. Talking with Bobby Bones, she revealed that she has nearly spent 60 hours getting a tattoo on her arms alone. Apart from arms, she’s got other 15 tattoos, with the earliest getting done when she was 18.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

It’s a must for Allie to be on social media. After all, it is where she announces everything related to her songs, from her tours to her new albums. Furthermore, she also uses them to connect with her fans that are scattered all around the world.

Out of numerous social media platforms, she is available in the big three’s–Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Over Instagram, she’s got over 31 thousand followers, 45 thousand followers on Facebook, and almost 3 thousand followers on Twitter.

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Allie Colleen Net Worth, Music, Education

Somewhere, someone in the world might think why Allie took so long to begin her career in the music industry. It was because her father, Garth, made her promise not to pursue what she loves before her graduation.

That was why she only pursued her career in music after she graduated with a degree in music from Nashville’s Belmont University.

Allie penned her debut single Work In Progress based off on her own experiences to becoming a country musicians.

Her single was yet to make some more records and now she released her another single named Ain’t The Only Hell (My Momma Raised) that is expected to make records than ever.

Allie’s unparalleled creativity in country music has helped her make a decent net worth. Sources estimated it to be at least $200 thousand.

Allie Colleen Husband, Married, Kids

For a long time, Allie was in a relationship with her boyfriend Jonathan Roberts. All that was needed was to take her relationship to the next level.

Boy oh boy, could she ask for any other fairytale proposal. On July 28, 2017, while she was at her father’s concert with her boyfriend, Jonathan, down on his knee, asked her to marry him.

Of course, there was no question if Allie would accept or decline the proposal because she lowkey had been waiting for that proposal.


A wedding picture of Jonathan and Allie.

The pair finally tied the knot and became officially married on October 6, 2018.

As of June 2020, the couple was yet to make any kids.

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