Brian Kleinschmidt is a reality star of America who found widespread popularity and fame thanks to his new reality show on HGTV called 100 Day Dream House. The show, and Brian’s chemistry with his wife on the show, was the perfect escape during the coronavirus lockdown. Thus people flocked to the show and showered Brian and his wife with immense love.

Read the article below to know about the people’s beloved Brian Kleinschmidt and his personal and professional achievements.

Brian Kleinschmidt Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Based on the recent birthday celebration on Instagram, Brian Kleinschmidt turned 38 years of age on 20 April 2020. Meaning that Brian was born in the year 1982.

Of course, having a birthday on April 20 meant that Brian’s zodiac sign was Taurus. And Taurus people are immensely loyal to their loved ones and steadfast in their conviction, as you might see later on in the article.

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Wiki —  Parents, Siblings, Education

Brian Kleinschmidt was born in Riverview, Florida to American parents. While information about his father is still unknown, his mother had a frequent presence on his social media. Based on his mother’s day wishes on Twitter, her name is Ellen Kleinschmidt.

On April 11th of 2020, the occasion of Siblings day, Brian took to Instagram to share his childhood and adulthood memories with his brother.

Brian studied in Riverview High School and later went on to study Radio and Television programming at the University of Central Florida.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Brian Kleinschmidt stands at a very tall height of 6 feet and three inches and weighs average for his height, i.e. about 84 kgs.

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Social Media Presence: IG, Twitter, FB

Brian was very active on his social media. His Instagram was filled with pictures and videos of his wife and himself and a little girl called Jade, who could very well be his daughter.

Brian was also not shy about showing off his family on social media. On Mother’s day, Sibling’s day, or other special occasions, Brian took to Instagram or Twitter to show his love and appreciation of his family.

Brian Kleinschmidt Net Worth, Job, 100 Day Dream Home

Professionally, Brian and his wife are reality TV stars. Together they appear on the HGTV reality show called 100 Day Dream House, which is quickly becoming a hit during the lockdown. The show and the couple’s chemistry in the show made for the perfect escape during the difficult times of the coronavirus lockdown.

In the show, Brian and his wife are home designers to help their customers realize their dream house within 100 days.

Together, Brian and his wife accumulated a net worth of over 1.25 million dollars.

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Brian Kleinschmidt Wife, Married, Daughter

This article keeps mentioning the wife of Brian Kleinschmidt. So, who is this amazing life as well as the professional partner of Brian Kleinschmidt? Well, her name is Mika Kleinschmidt.


Brian Kleinschmidt and his wife Mika Kleinschmidt enjoying the quiet sunset circa April 2020 (PC: Mika’s IG)

Brian and Mika first met during their senior year at Riverview High School but they did not get together back then. It was years later, after Brian’s first marriage (we’ll talk about it later) had ended that they got together and instantly hit it off.

After years of dating, Brian and Mika were engaged by the year 2013. And four years later, after enjoying a long engagement, in 2017 the couple got married. And decerning from their social media, the couple had a beautiful daughter by the name of Jade.

Three years into their marriage, and after a child together, Brian and Mika seemed to be still enamored with each other.

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First Wife, Divorce, The Amazing Race

Before Brian found Mika, he was married to Ericka Dunlap, a former beauty-pageant contestant and Miss Florida and Miss America winner. Ericka and Brian were married for four years between 2007 to 2011.


Brian Kleinschmidt and his first wife Ericka Dunlap while appearing on The Amazing Race (PC: Getty Images)

During the height of their marriage, the couple appeared on CBS‘s reality show called The Amazing Race. The couple appeared on the fifteenth season of the show, which aired in 2009.

By 2011 and four years into the married life, the rifts had started to appear and the couple got divorced. Later, Brian found Mika, and their relationship did not appear to suffer the same fate his relationship with Ericka did.

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